Wariner 43.50 sec

Stockholm: Wariner runs 43.50sec and equals 1992 olympic champion Quincy Watts time as the third fastest 400m ever, behind his mentor Michael johnson and Butch Reynolds!

The last 100 was great! Splits anyone?

There is a video of the race at www.eurosport.yahoo.com scroll down, and it is on the right side, titled last minute.

Also, with the tailwind going out, Felix notched her first (?) sub-50 and win over Sanya Richards in the 4.

I know the degree of the bend doesn’t influence the 400 (due to the slower pace) as much as the 200 but if Wariner can go 43.5 on That track in Stockholm, the world record is seriously there for the picking on the new track in Osaka. The configuration in Stockholm (at least last time I was there) had long straights but horrendously tight turns.

Under the circumstances, I’d be calling this “Perhaps” the greatest 400 of all time (not taking into considering the teardown factor of running rounds, which MJ and Q had to deal with prior to posting their pbs)

But Sanya ran 11.0x in the 100m as well! That’s not a bad time. What was Marita Koch’s 100m pb?

equally as impressive as x-man double a year ago, minus the 3 days of rounds x-man carried out prior

sanya richards- 100m 11.05 - 400m 49.72
xavier carter- 100m 10.09 - 400m 44.53

Koch was at about 10.83 from memory

With a rough review of the video I got Wariner in ~32.0 or better at 300.

95m straights or what?

Insane run. That last 100m… wow. How about the dude who was on his shoulder coming onto the home straight!!! he looked as fast as one of them Strong Men pulling a airplane :smiley:

But turning it off once he saw he had no chance of catching Wariner. I’ve always wondered about that --isn’t it better to continue to bust it, even is someone is smoking you, and get a good idea of what you are presently running and get that practice of running all out in a big meet?

Relatively longer straights and tighter bends are going to lead to an overall faster time in the 400m, time lost on tighter bends is going to be more then made up with the longer straights.

Time is never “made up” in the home straight. It is all about hanging onto whatever you build in the opening 300, and in particular what you exit the third 100 (the final bend) with.

If Wariner (or anyone) goes through 300 in 32-flat, especially on those shorter tighter turns at Stockholm, that is going to take plenty out of them.

Holy hell. What a meet. Sanya faster than Felix in 100m. Felix faster than Sanya in 400m. Wariner ending everyone. Vlasic 2.07 women’s HJ :eek: (she’s one huuuuge bitch at 6’4")

a super meet for most. btw, the entire meet is available on wcsn (everything, field events, etc) for a nominal fee.

Not by much!

One should NEVER turn off anytime! period. What if JW had run a WR say? Keep burning along and maybe you too will enter the all time top 10!! Just because some joe is smoking your ass, dont mean you too aint smoking others assess too?? you never know.

Ha yea she’s about as much faster than Richards as Asafa is faster than Saidy Ndure Jaysuma :wink:

these rough estimates i got from trackshark forum but they look kinda weird cause their is acceleration after 300m point. Is it possible to accelerate like that at 300m if they are right?


[i]these are the rough estimates i got from wariner 43.50osaka 400 vid for the 100-400m zone:

100m(45th stride)-10.6X
150m(64.5th stride)-15.5X
200m(84.5th stride)-20.7X
250m(105th stride)-26.3X
300m(126th stride)-31.9X
350m(147th stride)-37.3X
400m(170th stride)-43.50

these were the rough estimates i got from the wariner 44.02osaka 400 vid for the 100m-400m zone:

100m(45th stride)-10.7X
150m(64.5th stride)-15.7X
200m(84.5th stride)-21.1X
250m(105th stride)-26.5X
300m(126th stride)-32.1X
350m(147th stride)-37.7X
400m(169.5th stride)-44.02[/i]