Wandering if this GPP is to long?

hi guys i’m a sprint coach at a certain university trying to convince my head coach that it is not benefitual to just do grass workout from late aug.to early dec. take a month off and then start spp1 on the track in early jan… We do not have indoor meets at my school. In my opinion that’s way to long

His reasoning for this is b/c our track surface is extremely hard. which he thinks is the only reason behind some of our injuries.

My question is- is this Gpp way to long and if not what are some advantages?

And if so, how do I convince a coach who does not understand gpp, spp, l-s,& s-l

His really a distance coach who just so happens to be the head coach.

tell him to visit this site

You can even do an SPP period in an S to L program on grass for at least a substantial portion of it, if the grass is smooth enough.

thanks for your reply CF, so based off your 7 week GPP. I should be able blend my training straight into spp1 on the grass.

CF- since we don’t have indoor and the kids go home for christmas break total about a month.
We do provide the kids with workouts, however they never seem to do them totally.
How long would you do GPP upon return before you jump into SPP1.

One last question how do you improve sprinter gound contact running on the grass for 3-4 months?

also CF due to ncaa rules we can only train outside 4 days a week first 45 days then 5 days a week b/c we do not have a indoor team.
The head coach has us training mon-thurs, just wandering would it be better to train mon, tues have weds day off then thursday, friday?

and how would you implement your GPP DVD using a mon- thursday schedule?

Yes, Mon,tues, thurs, Fri would be better.
Any takers on laying out a plan??

what if you do 6 days a week of training, the sixth being tempo on a saturday? Would that amount to overtraining?

Charlie what would you consider smooth enough grass? Is a well maintained soccer pitch good enough or do you need something like those jamaican grass tracks to be effective?

thanks for the replys,
NCAA will not let us practice 6 days a week unless we are in in-season training.

CF- since our head coach is head strong on training Mon- Thurs. what would be the best way to design a plan using your GPP plan?

What would you keep and what you less likely use?

What university? We used to do a 40yd time trial once per week. Why 40yds Im not sure? We supposedly used the same program LSU, George Mason Univ, and all the other top schools were using. When the first meet came everyone ran slow. Then half the team broke away to train with a professional sprinter. My question is why do you need more then four days in the off season anyways?

Monday Speed

Tuesday Tempo

Wed Strides

Friday SE

Four days is fine for the off-season. The problem is he wants to do them 4 days in a roll.
Even the one you mention has a break between the 4 days. Personally I rather go m,t off w, thurs, fri. I’m not a big fan of giving the athlete 3 days off during GPP.

That schedule wouldn’t be a bad set up either. Why does he want to do them in a row.

Now the mon-thurs. is not going to change.

So, my only choose is to train with the 4 days in a roll.

Looking for suggestion on how anyone would plan this out.

Do you do speed twice a week in the off season?

He what’s to give the kids a chance to go home if they want to over the weekend.

He wants to be liked by the kids rather than make them better.

His a distance coach

he wont go for speed work twice a week b/c these are not just sprinter 100-800m runner

I know what ur talking about. A lot of college coaches are like that unfortanely. There not as good as some of the high school coaches. I’ll send you a pm.

ok just out of curosity how much hill work do you incorporate into your or your coaches program?

I’ll take a shot based on what he says he can do…
GP: (4-6 weeks)
Mon: Accel + Some tempo (small circuit 1000m)
Tue Tempo (2000-3000m)
Wed Accel + tempo (perhaps small circuit (1000m)
Thur Tempo (2000-3000m)


Monday: Accel + Special end 1 (2-3 x 300m)
Tuesday: Tempo
Wednesday: Accel + SPecial end 2 (Could sort out the 800m runners needs here with 2-3 x 600m early.
Thusday: tempo

Homework: JOg and stretch friday, + Abs or MEdball circuits.