Waldemar's Book?

Does Waldemar like to sail boats?

Yes. He’s an avid sailor. Maybe we can get him to do an interview.

Does anyone have any articles that I could read on Waldemar techniques/

I found a bunch of links with what now is his name. Not sure how many Waldemar’s there are in Ontario!

Since it seems Waldemar’s book never was finished or is available, maybe Charlie and Waldemar can put together a product on this! :cool:

or a movie

I know this is an older thread, but I’m curious about Waldemar’s techniques. Could you elaborate a little on his style? Charlie has mentioned it to me briefly in the past. If I remember correctly, he said Waldemar used very little lotion and could dig into a muscle up to the first knuckle without causing pain or raising enzyme levels. I believe Charlie’s description was that Waldemar had fingers like a gecko.

Also, did Waldemar give you any useful tips that you could do on your own to help his work hold?

I know Waldemar used microcurrent acupuncture, trager massage, stretching, massage as “manual therapy work”.



Any updates on a possible joint venture product with Waldemar?

Waldemar never wanted to write a book and he did not want to publish his information.
Charlie said he did not know how he would have made any money from it.
He is one of these magic therapist and if you have the chance to meet or get treated by him it will change the way you view and understand how to recover, heal and regenerate.

Too bad I havent got the $$$$$ to travel for a consultation…:Sigh

I will get in touch with him in the next few days and see what he is thinking and let you know.

Hi Angela…Long time no hear or see :slight_smile:


Just wondering if there is any material/metods from him out there yet?

Last weekend, T-Slow and myself went to visit Waldemar for a few days. I’ve been trying since this summer to visit. He says he sails on a boat 250 days a year and has limited time for clients. I was very grateful to have been able to get up to see him.

I had spent time learning massage from Charlie and was very curious to see the similarity and differences in technique and philosophy. As T-Slow posted previous, he began with about 30 minutes of EMS for T-Slow, and then followed by applying a small bit of Deep Cold muscle gel (not found in the US.). This contains menthol. I asked about using heat creams and his reply was muffled between his accent and the jamming radio in his office! What I heard from “this gets hots” and “creams are bad because you don’t know what is in them, and I don’t like oil.” I asked if he would use this gel on athletes on meet day and he said “no, I’d use nothing because it clogs the pores and it’s not worth it.” Interesting answer as I have been using a cream (probably the worst thing) on athletes on meet day, but I typically do a towel wipe off. Granted this probably keeps some cream in the pores still.

I had heard about the shaking type of massage on the forum, but it was interesting to see him in action. He told T-Slow his tone was great, and when I asked how he knew, he said “That is the million dollar question!” Having worked on T-Slow the weekend before, I have a very good idea of what is good tone.

I had him work on my shoulder, which has been hurting since playing college football and was diagnosed as subluxation. He started with about 30 minutes of acupuncture stim for my shoulder. This was my first time with the combination of methods. I have used EMS on my shoulder and have had acupuncture alone, but never combined. It was interesting to get the local stimulation vs the more broad stimulation with adhesive pads.

After removing the needles, I thought he was doing an extra long circular motion seen when using alcohol to sterilize part of the skin. This was the main technique he used on my shoulder, doing circular techniques. Following treatment my arm felt very loose and ranges of motion had improved. When I explained the “stim, ice, and rotator cuff exercises” as my remedy throughout college, he explain he wants joints tight. Further discussion led to him stating there is “only one type of massage.”

After being fairly passive the first day, the second day I was more inquisitive. I asked many questions. I mentioned things I learned from Charlie and on this day, saw him use them on T-Slow. He mentioned he recalled Charlie working on one side of the athlete while Waldemar worked on the other, and the athlete would give Charlie feedback. This is exactly how I got started on my visit to see Charlie. I’d get feedback on pressure, speed of movement etc.

T-Slow and I were amazed at Waldemar’s calf/hamstring shaking technique, where the knee was bent to about 90 degrees and the foot was pushed and pulled to create shaking of the calf. The other hand would work on the calf or on the hamstring.

My second day of treatment I had my legs worked on. I felt my legs were tight, but he assured me I was good. The sessions started with about 30 minutes of EMS followed by back and leg treatment with the shaking techniques. After the treatment, I felt very energized. I didn’t feel like I had slept for a week, as I usually do with other massage hands.

Since returning home, I have tried these techniques on my wife, who is always my guinea pig for new things. The shaking techniques do create looseness and do not damage the muscles as would a deep tissue techniques. I am curious to see how things work on meet days on weekends, as I usually do 3-5 hours of treatment and stretching throughout the morning and between races.

I do a shaking technique with my clients also - no idea if it’s the same thing?? but it works and so i keep using it.

Hi guys, maybe you can make a short video of the shaking technique and put it on YouTube? I am very interested to see this.

I did it tonight on a lady, her hip flexor and TFL? Worked a treat. Also did it on another lady, her hammies and thighs = very quick results. Her piriformas was hard to get do the same thing, so did a more of a wobble, took longer but still worked. Her groin was a mess, hard a bone, it too responded quickly to shacking. I`ll give youtube a try

I have heard quite a bit about the positive results that Waldemar provides. I have seen and heard very little about his methods. With what I have seen and heard it seems as though Waldemar is very much working on the physiological response of the whole body as opposed to just beating up muscles. The idea of shaking a muscle is to promote fluid flow which will then promote improved nerve function locally (nerves, arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels travel through the same septa body wide). Shaking a muscle is a form of oscillation - oscillation promotes multi-planar/multi-axial movement and helps to restore function without provoking a sympathetic nervous response (if the form of touch is too rough the body will fight back to protect the tissues - hence why most of us can not relax during deep tissue massage).
Keep in mind all of my above commentary is based on very distant observation. As a student of Osteopathic Manual Therapy in Ontario I can say that Waldemar’s work looks very much like he really understands the connection between structure and function of the body. Also, if Waldemar can tell what someones issues are within 5 minutes of palpation - he definitely knows how the body works as a unit.

Hmm, I’m up for driving up to Canada and meeting Mr. Waldemar. Does anybody know how to contact the guy and how much he cost? PM me if needed.

Some brief video example of what you’re talking about would be great!