Waiting for that breakthrough in competition

Having improved my running quite dramatically this year I find that I still resort to my old ways during competition (rushing things). Should I just be patient and what I do in training will come through in competition or should this be addressed as a separate issue? What are your experiences?

So, you associate the ”old you” with competition and the ”new you” with practice. Without sounding too much like a mental babbler, try the following – just for fun :rolleyes: : Go back to the best practice session you ever experienced (I’m sure you can remember the feeling). Then, visualize your latest competition where you rushed things (try to remember the same nervousness and emotial load as in competition). Now, substitute only the “bad competition run” with the “good practise run” as if that were your actual competition performance … does it look different now, do you “remember” the bad competition in a different light?

Anyhow, I think it will come by itself… if you allow yourself to detach from the competition “noise” and just follow your plan.

Thor if you rush anything you are loosing control.keep calm,plan things and do exactly in comp what you do in training

Having given it some more thought I now feel that this is a question of being focused. Maybe I just need to line up with some other runners a few times and things will get better. Next time I see a group of runners lined up I will ask to join - so look out everyone and be prepared to see my backside a lot.

After having done some tests I have found that when the gun goes I react with the others, but only half-heartedly, and then it’s like: “Damn, the race is on!” and I loose control.

In short, I’m waiting for the race to start, not waiting to start my race. I’m loosing the race in the blocks.

This will have to be fixed before outdoors though, because I’m tired of having my butt kicked. So all you sprinters out there, you’ve got some major butt-kicking coming your way… :mad: