Volume Adaptation and Sprint

I’ve read that you should gradually increase volume of reps (example for 30 metres) in order to make continued gains in second and third week. The occasional decrease in volume (unload)fourth week of 40% is good for recovery, and gains can be expected.

Once you’ve built up a certain level of capacity, do you have to return to it or increase it in order to make continued gains?

I would think you have to continually increase it. But lets see what everyone else thinks.

Just be carefull not to end up overtraining for the speed you can does not have a great correlation to how quickly you can recover.
This is why Ben J, and many other sprinters have a recovery training session/s. I believe your sprint volume should move up or down in proportion to what you can recover from in that session, rather than increasing volume for the sheer sake of eventually being able to recover from more training in the future at same leval of intensities u r doing now.

You know David W talks about implementing buffers for weightroom work to avoid overtraining and such, but what about track buffering? Can it be used and how would one go about implementing such workouts?