Videos from the Reebok meet

Thanks to you know who:

Does anybody have Tyson’s 9.76 on video?

On it’s way!

Does anyone have both hurdles?!?!

I just sent them to Thor.

Thor wake up and post them man! :slight_smile: ok I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow!

Can you upload to youtube?

They are there now.

My God (100, 110h)! There’s your envelope of human performance push. Thanks guys.

Cheers guys! What a race the WCs are going to be if everyone gets there in one piece!

I’m anxiously awaiting the USATFs and trust that Kebba & Co. will be busy collecting indices and stats from the sprint races. What exactly are these athletes doing at 40-50, 50-60, and so on?

Campbell had some serious lifting at ~50-70 (as best that I could estimate). And as noted, Gay and Spearmon were doing some “sweet spot” stepping of their own.

Speaking of the latter, any predictions for the 200 @ Pre next Sunday?

In the interview, Gay says he does a lot of 300m and 400m in training.

Yeah, I caught that as well. I snipped it to see what thoughts were on the forum. Thanks Thor for placing it on the server.

I do remember some discussion on another board that this special endurance work is also done out of base.

I predict Spearmon in the 200. Who’s running the 100? I think Gay needs some time to cool off.

It is disappointing that in this day & age we can’t get at least 30m&60m splits taken at the meet for these “pro” events.

BTW, who coaches Gay?

Campbell was overstriding for much of the race IMO. I thought that Edwards ran technically better but was just outgunned.

The film of Asafa showed him running tight. I wonder if that’s from a higher than he’s used to workload recently, or if he missed a lot of time. If it is the former he might be stronger than before over 200. Whatever, it will be a tough field!!
If Eugene has the same bends as before, it will be a big advantage to be as far out as possible.

Jon Drummond

That being the case, Carter would probably like and need the same lane draw as in Lausanne.

Does anyone know if they ever fixed the bends there?

According to present specifications, it doesn’t appear so. Only a resurfacing of the track is noted.

Makes me cringe a bit. Anyone remember Michael Johnson running there just before the Toronto match race and covering up an injury?