Videos from Birmingham 18/2 2005.

Mens 60, heats 1 and 2:

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Great shots! Can you post the heat times?

Watching it the meet live now. Smoot in good form. Physically, Smoot and Collins look in shape. Green, Gardener and others looked like they were carrying excess baggage. Look out for Smoot.

Womens 60.

No heat times I’m afraid - too busy posting.

Results, ripped from “Sub 10”:

1 Jason SMOOTS USA 6.56 0.137 Q
2 Francis OBIKWELU POR 6.56 0.151 Q NR
3 Mark LEWIS-FRANCIS GBR 6.61 0.155 Q SB
4 Jason GARDENER GBR 6.62 0.167
5 Mark FINDLAY TRI 6.64 0.162
6 Kaaron CONWRIGHT USA 6.70 0.132 SB
7 John BARBOUR GBR 6.86 0.150

1 Kim COLLINS STK 6.55 0.153 Q
2 Leonard SCOTT USA 6.57 0.161 Q
3 Maurice GREENE USA 6.63 0.152 Q
4 Darren CHIN GBR 6.65 0.163
5 Tyrone SWARAY GBR 6.67 0.158 SB
6 Akeem OGUNYEMI GBR 6.70 0.184
7 Brian LEWIS USA 6.73 0.132

Mens 60, Final:


once again, none of the fastest guys in the heats win the final…

20:48 - 60 METRES Men - Final OFFICIAL RESULTS

1 Leonard SCOTT USA 6.49 0.143 PB

2 Kim COLLINS STK 6.54 0.149

3 Maurice GREENE USA 6.54 0.127

4 Jason SMOOTS USA 6.58 0.195

5 Jason GARDENER GBR 6.60 0.141





1 Tayna LAWRENCE JAM 7.13 0.143 PB

2 Kim GEVAERT BEL 7.17 0.192

3 Muna LEE USA 7.17 0.192 SB

4 Lolo JONES USA 7.30 0.191

5 Angela DAIGLE USA 7.31 0.191

6 Vonette DIXON JAM 7.34 0.240

7 Jeanette KWAKYE GBR 7.36 0.215

8 Joice MADUAKA GBR 7.39 0.192

The new false start rule seriously needs a review. Its all very well implimenting the rule but I’ve had enough of people (fellow athletes and starters) exploiting the rule. Bad starters intentionally false starting to ‘Even’ things out and then you have officials holding us for longer to catch us out! Its madness. The quality and dynamics of the race suffered with 3 people DQ’d. Heh why not do this to all sports…Don’t just kill athletics!

F1 Racing: Any race car that takes more than 1 pit stop will be thrown out of the following GP race.
Tennis: 2 double faults in a game = a ban from the next set/game or match.
Football (Soccer): 1st half yellow card constitutes as a auto ban from the next half. Any yellow cards in the 2nd half equal a ban from the first half of the next game.
etc…etc…Extreme…yes…but U catch my drift…All in the name of TV time. They would never do this with any other sport, so why handcuff our sport.

We’ve discussed this before- the new rule is crap. Either go back to the old rule that worked well for almost 100 years or adopt the NCAA rule with no false-starts at all. BTW, what is the opinion of the womens final. Was Tanya Lawrence rolling out? Check the film that Thor has graciously provided. At the very least, she was not still and this may well have disrupted the others

Thanks for posting the video’s. I saw information about this meet on a new site and fiure Thor would’ve posted them either tonite or tommorow so I could watch :). Smoots had a bad start in the final. Mo looked like he is in 100m running form not 60m running form, Kim Collins and Leonard Scott performed consistantly,

Once again we saw a GOAT not winning, not breaking 6.50 since 2001…

Smoots arms looked unbelievable…

what is the new rule you guys are talking about?

The new rule is that the first false start is charged to the whole field. this ensures that the perp is not punished while the next one is out.

Maybe we could use the pro running method – break and you are penalised 1 metre 2 breaks and your out. Seriously, an improvement in this area could be made if some of these precious starters could forget their sense of importance and do their job------- do their utmost to give all runners a fair go.

It seems to me that they take an inordinateley long time after runners are clearly on their mark b4 they call set and also the delay between set and gun seems excessive in many cases.

You would almost think that they set out to create breaks to highlite their position in the schemme of things.

Tayna Lawrence sure was moving. Interesting how she rocked back looking like she was winding up but still managed a .142 reaction time. Did she get lucky? Does anyone have other footage of her? Id like to see her other starts. Interesting also how her hips are so low in the blocks.

She was definitely moving and they should have been stood up at the least. I’d say her start was questionable but the angle in the film isn’t that definitive.

so what is the false start rule exactly ? is it that the foot moves forward or any ? or any part of the body after the “set” command?

she was moving, but not necessarily forward. looks like her hips came down.
because we didnt see the transition from “marks” to “set”, it could have been her finishing her transition to “set” by raising and lowering her hips upon which time she would pause.
Joe was dq’d at states trials for a roll on “set”, kind of a dip, but he never moved out, like one of the judges said later… my film proves it. I didnt get the actual rule since it is apparant, just like TL, that he moved, but it was after the “set” and he should have remained still.

At the top levels that can afford it, the blocks are hooked up to pressure sensitive technology that registers a tone in the starters ear if any of the athletes’ feet drop below a certain threshold of pressure being applied to the block pedal before the gun sounds (or less than .010 seconds after).