Video of 60m from Tyson meet

as promised, here is the video from tonight’s Tyson indoor 60m:

I believe Trammel set the 2003-best time of 6.46

ok here’s me versus them

They seem to be ‘slightly’ faster than me (note the sarcasm :wink: )

I posted the clip of just me in the athlete development forum with more info. about myself and my goals

Hi Jalbert!

A couple of ideas:
When you open and turn your hips, you have a pretty large angle at the R knee and then when you place your R foot down for your first step it is in front of your C of G and you can´t really acclerate with your first step.

Maybe try when you open to lead with your elbow and knee (don´t lead with your foot), but with a sharper angle at the knee (foot higher to butt) so that when you DRIVE (not place) that first step it is behind your C of G, and you can accelerate. Also, try to get turned at the hips before you put your right foot down so that your direction of force is all in the direction you want to move.

Your second step is also with your L heel dragging, not really `tucked´ high to your butt. But you do this with your 3rd and 4th steps nicely.

How is your hip flexor (rectus femoris and ilio psoas) flexibility? You do not really get great extension at the hips when you drive. If your hip flexors are tight, it is tough to get good extension.

Just a couple of points - hope that they make sense, :slight_smile: and are useful. It is tough to analyse and give suggestions from a distance with about 1 second of video, but I hope this helps, and thumbs up for the balls to post your video! clap:


Thanks for the comments :smiley: I’m looking for all the help I can get

I think my hip flexibility is okay. Either way, I work on it about 4-5 days a week by doing a hurdle complex (stepping over and under)

I see what you mean about my first step w/ the R foot - so it should be farther back so I can push off more?

From what I see, I seem to have a problem extending my push leg all the way and getting my butt “tucked in” which keep me from getting to triple extension

I’m not really sure how to fix this

Hi Jalbert!

I have been thinking about your starts and I think that yesterday I missed it. When you turn, you lead with your elbow to get your shoulders turned, and then the hips follow. After you get square to the direction you want to sprint, DO NOT start with your R foot. That is a wasted step. It is too far forward, and it is your front, not your back foot. The step with the R foot is a waste of time and energy. Take the first step with your back leg, the L one!

Get a good forward lean at the hips so that your shoulders are forward and you can really throw your upper body out and drive.

Charlie has said that he often has people learn to start from the floor on their bellies because as they scramble to get up they naturally have a good starting position and then the mechanics are okay.

Forget what I said yesterday about the R foot. Your first step should be with the back foot. DO NOT waste time with the little step with the front ® foot.

Try when you do your hurdle drills:

just with the lead leg (over the side):
drive forward with your knee and then drive your hips over (or through) the the hurdle. Your foot has to be tucked up high to clear the hurdle. That is the foot position in the first step. As the knee drives forward, the foot is tucked up to the butt.

I am not expert. But are you bent over a bit much? Shouldn’t there be a straight line from your calves, hamstrings and through your back? Compared to the cheetahs in the 60 meter clip, perhaps you are bent over too much and lossing power.

Hopefully someone else more qualified can confirm/deny what I am saying.


When I played ball and went from 1st to 2nd Base I had a wider stance than you. My first step was w/ my right foot also but since I had a wider base/stance rather than my right foot going forward or ahead of my C of G like you it came back towards my left foot or behind my C of G while my left leg continued to push. (Kind of like running in the air or like Ben’s first few steps). It may sound like it takes a lot of time to due this but actually it doesn’t.

I’m Just trying to give you a different view of how you can start man. It worked for me as I always led whatever league I played in steals. I hope you find what works for you.

The form is pretty good as you are running in flats and have less strength to weight vs the top sprinters. I’d concentrate on the training and let strength improvements take care of the next level of technique.