Video-clips from London Super GP.

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Womens 100.

Mens 100 Heat2.

Mens Final.

Powell, slow-motion study.

Hey,thanks for the videos

Wow! Looked like Powell eased up a bit at the end. Maybe worth a 9.89 or so. Not only that, his initial acceleration was not as good as I’ve seen from him before. Impressive stuff in England, I can tell you!! How big is he anyway? He looks like 6’3" .
Imagine what Zurich might look like!

I had a closer look at Kim Collins. Boy! He better get busy. He had an excellent start and was right there early but got walked during the top speed and maintenance phases. When they initially started moving away, he started to struggle, then relaxed, but he simply doesn’t have the speed and there isn’t much time left.
If you wait till the last minute to face the tough guys, and you find out you’re a dollar short, you’ve left yourself in a hole. This should not have come as a shock, especially since he’s never run as fast as 3 or 4 of his opponants.

How big is he anyway? He looks like 6’3" .

He is listed as 188cm and 87kg.

Maurice seemed to be rushing his start by substantially shortening his first step (check out semi final). His trunk position is able to sustain a deeper angle from this shortened step. Kim needs to get stronger in order to beat a lot of these guys. His stride length does not seem to be proportional to his stride rate.

Norwich Union British Grand Prix - London (GBR)
Friday, July 30, 2004

Official Result
Men - 100m - Final
Wind: -0.3 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Powell Asafa JAM 9.91
2 Greene Maurice USA 9.97
3 Scott Leonard USA 10.04
4 Frater Michael JAM 10.11
5 Collins Kim SKN 10.14
6 Gatlin Justin USA 10.20
7 Patton Darvis USA 10.23
8 Zakari Aziz GHA 10.26

Official Result
Men - 100m - Heat 1
Wind: +0.1 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Powell Asafa JAM 10.03
2 Scott Leonard USA 10.03
3 Frater Michael JAM 10.12
4 Gatlin Justin USA 10.22
5 Capel John USA 10.24
6 Campbell Darren GBR 10.27
7 Edgar Tyrone GBR 10.33
8 Lewis-Francis Mark GBR 10.34

Official Result
Men - 100m - Heat 2
Wind: -0.2 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Greene Maurice USA 9.98
2 Collins Kim SKN 10.10
3 Patton Darvis USA 10.15
4 Zakari Aziz GHA 10.17
5 Malcolm Christian GBR 10.26
6 Ross Joshua AUS 10.29
7 Gardener Jason GBR 10.32
8 Johnson Joshua J. USA 10.33

Mo looks very impressive in the heat. It looks like he is overstriding in the final.

We have a thread discussing Mo’s changed start.

I think we can safely say the Joshua J. Johnson got “left for dead” in heat 2!!

Powells blocks slipped at the start as well if you look close

Maurice looked good in the final - relaxed, back to how he looked 3yrs ago… knowing no one could beat him.
The final, there may be a bit of doubt in his mind now regarding powell, tightens up and cant get him… does powell have maurice now?

Kim collins - missed the start… he is a 10.1 runner, he sometimes pulls out the 9.99/10.0 race, but is essentially a 10.1 runner and was lucky to win last year.

JJ - worst start in history!!! HAHA

Also - are the Americans still recovering from their trials - Gaitlin has lost 3mtrs from a couple of weeks ago. Maurice looked tired in his last run, but brings it back a bit for this one… the US trials are tough and look to take a bit out of their athletes. Hopefully we will see them rested up for Athens

And quite rightfully so…His attempt to disrupt the start and hamper the fast starters was disgraceful. He made no attempt to conceal that fact either.

Charlie, what do you think has happened to GBR’s top sprinters? They were all left for dead today. Humbled by true World Class. You would have thought with Dwain not in the picture they would have stepped up and tried to fill his spikes…but its not the case at all…they all looked way out their depth. Once again British training methods need to be seriously looked at…the US and Carribbean Islands seem to be moving and progressing yet over here we seem to be stagnate. I for one am a massive fan of Charlie’s and John Smiths training methods…they incorporate speed throughout the entire season in a short to long approach. Charlie do you think that the Long to short method incorporated by many coaches over here is old hat and is proving to be costly to the GBR sprinters? I’m sick and tired of this " Don’t need to be doing speed too early in the year…" rubbish. The GBR sprinters are all running lame in comparison to the US and Carribbean guys and I believe that its down to this old method that suited more towards middle distance runners.

I’ve always said as a sprinter you should never stray to far away from speed. I mean at the end of the day that what its about speed…Buy no means am I saying that a base of endurance isn’t vital but should it be so excessive that it hinders speed and breaks the confidence of the athelete?? Mark Lewis Francis is a shadow of the junior that showed much promise 2 years ago. he’s far better than 10.3x…as is Darren Campbell and Jason Gardener. These races are vital for confidence boosting and the GBR boys took a massive blow to their preparations for Athens.

Any views…?

Thanks Thor! Great videos! I wouldn’t even know what the athletes look like if it wasn’t for these videos (in Argentina you’ll never even see a column in the newspaper and certainly nothing on TV about athletics!).

Charlie, while this all fresh in our minds and sight, I couldn’t help notice the low recovery phase and little knee lift of both Powell and Greene…Is this a new advance in sprint technique? The heel doesn’t travel as high under the buttock as it used to (Kim executes this ‘old’ technique superbly). Also I couldn’t help notice Greene’s new start as well…he doesn’t rise too high in the set position anymore…this seems to cause huim to rocket forward with get velocity…to maintain this position you need to be super strong in the lunge position otherwise the hips would sink…I think John Smiths Drive Phase drill (going up the stadium stairs in a low position) help this enormously.

The problem in Britain becomes how to handle the weather. Are there adequate indoor facilities and/or the funds for training camps? I don’t think they took any more of a blow than they’ve had already. If Collins was dispatching them with modest times, it was already looking a bit grim.
You can use a long to short approach effectively under the right circumstances, BUT, as the progression is fairly long, was there enough time after the World Indoors, and, when performance is critical, were the sprinters racing in ideal conditions designed to generate results, r were they running in freezing conditions at home? Whatever has transpired, I think they need meets in the best possible conditions right up to 10 days before the games.

Just watched the heat 2 video, and is it just my impression, or do mo’s legs seem to spend “more time” in front of him rather than behind him (in the recovery phase) When compared to the guy on mo’s right, (our left) who seems to have a balance in the time his foot spends in front of his CG and behind it. (this might be an optical illusion)

anyone notice this as well

i think mo had a much more relaxed and powerful start in his heats, as it was so obvious from the way he eased up into the finish with a 9.98, whereas in the finals as he tried to finish strong was only left with a 9.97.
his new start looks superb but i think he still needs a lot of competitions if he was to perfect it in athens. looks tired as hell still, so he said when he competed at stockholm but i think he still hasnt recovered as yet, could also be seen form gatlins performance, not to mention all the 20.0s that he ran in the trials (after his new pb in the 100) to win after crawford in the 200.
it looks clear that athens will be US VS CARRIBEAN. though i reckon they really need to rest a lot for athens. britons were really dead as well, not to mention all of them, gardner could be excused for his operation that he suffered but wat bout campbell? francis? 10.3x is too slow for them at this time in the year.

Same “soap opera” in Brazil,
so, tks Thor.