Video-clips from London Super GP.

Mo’s head is down and drives for a good 27 steps in a vid clip i saw the other day. So i’d say his drive phase goes close to 50-60m. I haven’t really looked at his start lately but is it a carbon copy of ben johnson as in hip hight and power out of the blocks?

thanks for posting the videos, I was seraching all over taping stuff on tv that said it was a track meet but it came to be some mis programming. But thanks alot for posting those vids now I can say i got to see the races I’ve been graciously awaiting.

18:08 - 100 METRES Men - Heats - Heat 1 OFFICIAL RESULTS
First 3 of each heat (Q) plus the 2 fastest losers (q) qualified Wind: 0.1 m/s

1 POWELL Asafa JAM 10.03 0.140 Q

18:18 - 100 METRES Men - Heats - Heat 2 OFFICIAL RESULTS
First 3 of each heat (Q) plus the 2 fastest losers (q) qualified Wind: -0.2 m/s

1 GREENE Maurice USA 9.98 0.139 Q

19:11 - 100 METRES Men - Final OFFICIAL RESULTS
Wind: -0.3 m/s

1 POWELL Asafa JAM 9.91 0.137 NR
2 GREENE Maurice USA 9.97 0.128

can you see the difference of time btw heats and finale?
was it a factor for Mo’s poor performance in final as regard the heat (wheh he ran very very easy)?

I remember CF questioning Greene’s ability to run the rounds. Is this still a factor? Was it only NOt a factor in the past because he was so much better than the rest? If you run 9.8 then 10.0 is a stroll.

I was training in the weights room on Thursday and he comes strutting through, in one door, out the other. Hangers on trailing behind. One arrogant SOAB… Didn’t even stop to watch my ropey cleans!

He won’t make the final at the Olympics. He’s overweight and over hyped. If an athlete is running 2 tenths faster at 18th than at 20/21, and has not had any serious injuries, you have to question the quality of coaching.

In the past i think mo’s ability to run the rounds wasn’t a factor
i.e. in Athens (1997, PB in 9"90) he ran 9"90 in QF, 9"90 in SF e 9"86 in Final

Injuries after Edmonton have been a problem

My questions is if the difference of time of the heats (10 minutes) and the the difference of time btw mo’s heat and final (50’) was a problem

I wouldn’t totally agree with weather being a fundamental factor Charlie.In this modern time where Lottery Funding and Sponsorship deals are in the thousands,training in warmer climates throught the year is the norm. I seen guys who are lottery funded at my track in London go away for weeks sometimes months to warm countries to train and prepare for major meets and comps. For the atheletes who can’t afford to jet back and forth the indoor facilities in the Winter in London are diabolical. I’ll break this down geographically for everyone as England isn’t just London! (Many of my relatives think London is the only city in GB!!) Ok…London is in the South of England. Moving upwards towards the North you have: Birmingham (World Indoor Champs 03 venue),Sheffield,Bath and further afield Glasgow. Now all the above mentioned Northern regions have Indoor Track facilities and High Performance Centres. In London there are (wait for it…) 3 Indoor Tracks in WHOLE of London. One of which is a school! So during out of term time its closed! Then there’s a track in Sutton (South London) and a the newly laid indoor track at Crystal Palace. Training camps are few and far between. As a late starting sprinter (started at 24) I feel that we are over looked in terms of sponsorship and funding. I have tried on many occasion to apply for grants,funding and sponsorship only to be reminded about my age. Look at Ms Ottey!! The problem here is that they thinly spread the money across the ‘big’ three (MLF,Campbell,Gardener) and leave the rest of us to fight for the scraps. If you look at the depth of the US sprint team…its awesome (the college system has proved to be an invaluble tool) While over here we put all our eggs into 3 baskets instead of 10-15 baskets.

Point taken. I shouldn’t assume that your top athletes are funded like Canadians. When we trained in Toronto in the old days, things were reversed. The high school athletes had the facilities books for meets almost every day from May to the end of June, making usa sneak in and do our runs between races- if they didn’t catch us and throw us out!

I wonder if the changes in Mo’s start have taken the stress off the tendon area and therefore the problem with rounds. Recently, we’ve seen him run back to back sub 10s and multi rounds at the US Trials.


thanks so much for taking your time to post the video clips. It is very much appreciated!!!

I’ve never seen Powell run. I agree with Charlie when he said “Wow”, of course the two words that came to my lips were Holy S#@* Maybe it was just the angle of the camera, but the guy looks like an NBA power forward running wind sprints against a bunch of junior college summer camp guys. And yeah i’d say he pulled it in over the last ten meters. And this guy’s only 21???

I hope he and Crawford are at their peak in Athens, that should be fun to watch, a couple of kids, with just plain raw ass talent. :smiley:


Yes. A belated thanks to you Thor for the clips!
I think it should be a fabuluous race in Athens because you’ll have the conditions (hot!), the pressure (hotter!), the track (lightning fast), and enough athletes at the highest level that SOMEONE must come through.

… and i hope for a right wind also!

it will be

thnx again ya thor, u really r the best

Ditto for me Thor, what a treat to go over these clips on the computer-makes my day!