Video clip of 60m

hi all. first time post here

I forgot which meet this actually was, but it was a couple of weeks ago. The following link is a video clip of Maurice Greene winning the 60m in 6.52 (I’m pretty sure it was 6.52)

Anyways, I thought you all might like to check it out:

Who else is in that race. I watched Mo this weekend come in 3rd at a meet. In my opinion, he was the fastest there, he just was tripped up by the false start that was not called back. Was it the Melrose games? Indoors in New York anyways. Man he was flying! He will fly even faster when he leans out for the outdoor season.

The race was completely even at the start. Terrence Trammell and Justin Gatlin ran away from Mo after 20m!

To me, it looks like

1.Marcus Brunson
2.Not sure
3.Jon Drummond
4.Mo Greene
5.Tim Harden
6.Shawn Crawford
7.JJ Johnson
8.Kaaron Cartwright

That’s lane-wise. Does anyone have a link to the Millrose 60m also, I’d love to see that too. Thanks for the video clip though, it was a good one.

I just checked my tape that I used to make the clip…

This meet was the Boston Indoor Games.

Maurice Greene was the winner in the clip above. If you can hear the audio, the “he” that the announcer is referring to is Greene

Drummond is running on Greene’s left

But, I also taped the recent Millrose meet where Trammel won the 60m.

If you all are interested in seeing that too I can try to make a video clip of it when I get a chance;)

I would love to see Milrose. If you could put it up there too it would be great. Cheers.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad that I have this much time on my hands right now!

As I watch these clips over and over, I’m really gaining interest in finding out what it takes for these guys to run this fast :o

Here is the 60m a Millrose:

official times:

  1. Terrence Trammel 6.51
  2. Justin Gatlin 6.54
  3. Maurice Greene 6.57

on a side note, I’m a baseball player and I’m trying to cut my 60yd time from 7.1 to 6.8-6.9 … what I will try to eventually do is tape myself running from a similar angle and make a side by side comparison of myself versus these guys

I’m not a track guy at all, and I’m not trying to be world class, but I know I should be a few steps faster, so please feel free to point me in the direction of any topics you think may be very important for me to read


Hey jalbert, this is great! Do you have the women’s 60 from Millrose? I want to see what all the whohaa is about!

P.S. That guy that came second really runs weird! :o

The guy who came 2nd was Gatlin, who according to a lot people is supposed to be technically brilliant. I can’t really comment, I haven’t seen much of him, but he didn’t look technically outstanding there.

glad you guys like the clips

sorry, but I don’t have any of the female races. I’ll try to tape them the next time I catch a meet on TV. If you know when a meet is going to be televised let me know!

What are things in these clips that I should be looking for that these sprinters are doing well (or not so well)?

Anyone have an idea why his knees turn to the inside so much when he brings them up?

The basic things you wanna look for are the relaxation. The arms, they should be driving backwards and forwards in a straight line. The knees, driving high. The hips, held high. The foot strike, the ball of your foot under the centre of gravity. What I have said there is a lot to take in, and try and process whilst you’re actually running. I would suggest trying to make sure the arms are moving correctly, and staying relaxed before you worry about anything else. The arms tend to dictate the movement of the legs, so if you have that right, you should be on your way. People may disagree with me here however. I can see I’m in the company of some real experts on this board.

In the Milrose 60m, I thought Trammell’s technique looked superb. Any thoughts on that? He really strode out once he hit top end, or near top end speed (afterall, this is a 60m)

As for Gatlin’s knees turning inwards, I’m not sure why that happens, but it’s not unusual. Mike Marsh had the same thing on one of his legs, I think it could have been his left. Maurice and Ato both suffer the same problem when they come under pressure, especially noticable in the end of a close 200m.

JD’s form looked good as always too. A very well disciplined sprinter I think.

In the Boston 60m, I was really impressed by Tim Harden, he seems to be showing some of his old form. Of course he tends not really to show up outdoors, but this could be his year to break through outdoors. He seems to have picked his hips up, and allowed more mobility in his stride. His stride lloked longer than before, and he didn’t get a great start and hang on like he normally does. He ran a solid race. It’s all very interesting to me.

I live in Australia, but I know there’s talk of the Tyson 60m this weekend I think. I’m sure it’s on ESPN sometime, but which channel and when, I have no clue I’m afraid.

Apparently the Tyson meet is on ESPN 2 on Sunday 16th at 5pm Pacific time. You may want to double check that however. It should be a great competition. If you can get that up on the net I’d be delighted!

Originally posted by Treble
Anyone have an idea why his knees turn to the inside so much when he brings them up?

If you’re refering to Gatlin, that’s what’s supposed to happen, it shows that he’s getting full rotation of the hip.

Hey jalbert, I haven’t been able to see the movies, did you change the site???

Same here…what’s happened?

I’d love to see those vids again or even download them. I’m a visual learner, and would love to gain insight on some 60m sprints. Any luck getting them again???

So, no one has any of these videos saved? :frowning: More then one poster would love to see these, hopefully someone who has them surfaces.