Video: Charlie and Tim Montgomery

Came across this while doing some research.

You can see the arm snapping out the blocks. CF style

Dang look at Charlie getting his dose of vitamin D in haha he must have looked like a lobster the next day

That was in SC not in Hawaii I think.

Research for this fine article of yours eh JS?

your wrote -Neuroscience reveals compelling information in that FMRI demonstrates that when we reach our hand out and touch a finger to our nose, the sensory cortex receives the sensory input from our nose first due to the closer proximity of the nose to the sensory cortex. By association, the late Charlie Francis suggested that the arms receive the signal from the motor cortex before the legs, due to their closer proximity to the cortex and, as a result, the arms must play a significant role in dictating the sprint action.

****You use Nose in this example. Imagine a softball/baseball suddenly coming at your nose at approx.100 mph after a nasty hop off the dirt. Chain reaction/processes at an extremely fast speed for sure. At what…4 times the speed of the ball? I could feel this man. Great stuff. I’m going to look into this further.

“Set” Inhale, hold your breath …Flick the wrist at the sound of the gun…

Oh and BTW, I came across this recent write-up as well.

Many people have asked who I’ve learned from when it comes to speed and agility training. Here’s a short list of people that have influenced me, both directly and indirectly: Charlie Francis, Lee Taft, Nick Winkelman, Dan Pfaff, Boo Schexnayder, Derek Hansen, Brett Bartholomew, Loren Landow, Buddy Morris and James Smith. I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone, but learning from that crew would be a great place to start.

****I have heard of all of them except Lee Taft but it is safe to say that I will look into his program shortly. I just looked at Brett’s Twitter (one of the best out there IMO) Timeline and noticed him training Chuck Lidell. I remember way back in the late 90s when CL walked up into a BJJ school where I was training and challenged the head instructor to a fight but with no punching allowed. Chuck looked scary as all hell man. Very very Intimidating to say the least. Anyhow, Chuck got submitted in about a minute or so from a foot-lock.

Indeed. Thanks for the kind words. I often extrapolate screen shots from video for sake of illustration and in looking for video of Tim Montgomery that’s what I found.

Good Lidell story.


Lee is a great guy. I find his change of direction stuff some of the best available.

Cool and tnx.

Off topic…but what are some of ppl’s change of instruction Coaches?
Too many rigid games out there being played at all levels.

On the other hand, look at Kerr allowing Curry to shoot from anywhere at anytime. Freeing him up to take shots as they become available (no fear of making mistakes or any apprehension) or by creating space to make a shot…i.e. go around the corner on someone inside the line (defender is still very tight on him still)…quickly stepping/hopping back behind the 3 pt line and shoot even if there is a guy open underneath at times…10 3s beat 10 2s.

The Blacks? Rugby Team, etc.