Vibration machine/patforms.

On ITV , GBR television I saw celebrity fit club and one of the celebs bought some kind of vibration machine to aid fat loss. You stand on them and te vibrate, helping you to lose weight anyway… more importantly…

Aren’t these similar to the machines that some people spoke off, that are supposed to stimulate fast twitch fibres, especially type 2b, and have a profound effect on speed performance??

Anybody else see the show. Thing is, last time I heard the machines were costing in the 4 figure number area £ $, but surely there are cheaper comparable products being sold now?

Is this the kind of plates that some people do their squats and related exercises on?

You’re referring to the Nemes Powerplate machines, that vibrate 30-50 times/sec to aid CNS regeneration.

I guess it is more correct to say that they stand on the platform with slightly bent knees, rather than squat. Certain top Austrian alpine-skiers use this metod I believe.
These days they are used not only for regeneration, but also for increasing strenght and bone-density among other things. (According to a norwegian paper I found on the net.)

If they are used to increase strength, would that not appear to contradict the weak finger/thumb syndrome of some construction workers who use heavy vibrating power tools? (e.g chain saws. hammering, road breakers, drills etc…)

Vibration training is used more and more in elite level of sport. It has unique training and physiotherapeutic properties.
Read everything you want to know about Whole Body Vibration and its original representative training device (the NEMES - BOSCO SYSTEM) at the following website:

vibration training… hahahaha
ok i am 4 years old.
this is nothing i have ever heard of- what effect exactly does the vibration have? it sounds kind of dubious to me… but perhaps i am just ignorant.

Thor, I am so glad that image you attached is facing that way. Things could easily get out of control. :eek:

You are right. You are ignorant. If you haven’t heard about it this is a good oportunity for you to start learn more. But then again… if you are just 4 years old maybe you should wait few years and go out to play.

Linarski, judging from your reply you’ve forgotten a couple things about what makes this forum great. In Krasnayafleur’s message you got a little humor, a litttle self-deprecation, some good-natured skepticism, and most importantly, a valid question about how something works. I’ve been in fitness all my life, and I don’t know the ins and outs of this vibration training either. So abandon your own humorless, 4-year-old style stance on calling people ignorant, and re-focus on what were clearly not insulting or mean-spirited comments. It just plays like track coach pompousness. Did you invent this training method and feel the need to protect it’s reputation as it’s birth parent? We all want to learn, so remember that at some point in your illustrious career you didn’t know what the hell vibration training was either.

So just how effective IS this type of training on sprinting speed ?
It sais it improved speed peerformance but does not actually show any time improvements for 40 yard sprints etc… the standard test of other “improve your sprint speed” programs.

How about the old vibrating beds in the cheapo motels? Put in a quarter and get your CNS regenerated. And, if you happen to have a partner in the bed with you…

Or I could tie some rope to a fast train and go ski-ing over a railway track.


Stand on a “roadbreaker” drill and use it as a pogo stick. (watch your feet don’t slip.) :wink:


Read the replies carefully and you will see the irony of answering in many of the participants here. But then again if I’m the only one who see this then I appologize. In written speech sometimes its hard to see the difference in humor and bad irony. So maybe I was wrong. I certainly don’t want to insult nobody and the reason I visit this forum is to learn, and yes why not, also to share my experiences from coaching in the Elite level of sport.

The folowing link ( ) is very interesting to read and so anyone who has interest in vibration training will have an idea what this kind of training is. Also look around in the same site for more articles and details about this new training trend. Personaly I have experiment almost 11 months with this method (on elite level sprinters) and the results in explosive power - speed strength and finally sprint times up to 200m were at least impresive !

lovely, thanks linarski. no offense taken by the reply… :cool:

We’re cool fella! And yes I guess we all have to watch our written words-nobody can see a wink online. Thanks for the links on this training.

Also you can go here:

type in “vibration training” and you will find a plethora of studies on the subject.