Vertical Survey

Whats your:




And squat?

If you know your mesurements add those

We’ve done this before. You can search the archives. But, hell, I’ll bite.

Current Standings:
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 175 Pounds
Body-Fat: 6%
Standing Reach: 7’10"
Standing Jump [Vertical]: 10’9" [35"]
Approach Jump [3 Steps]: 11’4" [42"]
Full Squat [Current]: 350 Pounds
Front Squat [Current]: 275 Pounds
Power Clean: 245 Pounds
Barbell Squat Jump [Max Power]: 2113 Watts @ 47.7Kilos [105 Pounds]

Height: 5’7
Weight: 160
Reach: 83"
Vertical standing: 32"
Back Squat: 330 pounds
Front Squat: 260 pounds

height: 6 feet
weight: 220 lbs
vertical: 36 inches
back squat: 485x2 lbs
front squat: 397 lbs
power snatch: 265 lbs
power clean: 342 lbs

Height: 5’10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Vertical Jump: 28.5"
Back Squat: 345 x 9 reps (445 on a conversion chart)
Hang Clean: 205 x 7 reps (~250 or so on a conversion chart)

Height: 6ft
Weight: 155lb
Vert: 28inches
Squat: 205 X 8, so probably 230lb 1 REP MAX

I’m one weak bastard tho :smiley: :frowning:

Theres allot of freaking strong guys in here

315+ front squat :eek:
205 HANG clean for reps :eek:

35" + inch verticals :smiley:

I’m proud of you all!!! :cool:

I wonder if anyone remembers thier previous stats 1 or 2 years ago for comparisons on what made them improve thier vertical?

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 175
Vertical standing: 36" ----used powerplate vertmax thing to measure this so its accurate.
running vertical: a lot higher than 36.
LJ- 7.16 meters (23’6")
SLJ- 3.15 meters (10’4")
Back parallel Squat: 330 pounds
Hang clean (above knee): 230 pounds
Bench: 245 pounds

Two of our Linebackers on our football team did a set of 315 x 5 reps on Hang Clean the other day (w/ straps)… I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Freaks!! :eek: haha.

199-206 depending on what time of day.
vert- 44"
squat raw and top of thigh to parallel 740
front squat 545
powerclean 380
jerk 365

U gotta be kiddin me Barch…

if ur not lying, ur a beast.

44 inch vert tho…thats extremely rare…i dont think i saw any in the draft combine results…whats ur standing long jump?

i know its rare, in fact i havent seen another one like it to be honest, and thats with just a one arm reach, not the two armed one at the combine. my standing long jump is 11’7".

Yes, those are some sick numbers. And judging from your pic in another thread, you’re a bad mother.

thanks speed. here is a pic that i took today. this is WITH a running start and not a true vertical but i am only 5-9.

Wow. Impressive Vert and impressive numbers on your lifts. Keep it up.

this is me off vert, no steps.

your a bad mother, got any collage hoops eligiblity left?

Rather impressive numbers and pics!
What do you do, what sport do you play how old are you etc?

11’7 SLJ IS REDICULOUS! The world record is like 12’4!! Good stuff!

Our best athlete has a 39" and a 10’5 SLJ.
Were a small D3 school.



thanks for the compliments. to answer your questions quik, i am 24, i was going to play college basketball but stuff came up, i walked on to the track team my junior year of college with no experience and just bodybuilding lifts to my credit as a dare from a friend. i struggled a lot at first, busted my ass, got better, have a ways to go and i am still competiting unnattached as i train on my own to be just a great athlete. all winter i trained on a snowy track since i dont have a place to train, every day i lift on my own and i eat pretty clean. i just train to be better than the previous day.