Vertical leap test

Does anyone know whether the NFL combine allows one step in the vertical leap test or is it straight up and down with feet planted?

What is the difference between those stated and doing a vertical jump on a force plate?

No steps allowed. Feet planted, swing your arms and explode!

So, what is the average results ?
There´s a horizontal test too ?


HMM interesting. I would think there would be a rather big difference and it seems unatural to jump without a drop step.

The problem with a step is a lack of consistency with foot placement. Standing straight under with no step is more consistent. In the standing broad jump test, above 10 feet for skill positions and above 8 feet for big men. Above 35" will give you an excellent score on the vertical. I have some volleyball players I work with whose coaches want an “approach” jump, but I typically have the highest degree of variance with these jumps. Where they take off, where they hit maximum height, how much of the jump is vertical and how much is horizontal are all new variables with this jump and there are just too many differences between the different builds and abilities to have any sort of consistency.

Yes, it is quite different if you are not used to it but like speedkills says, it makes the test more consistent to administer. Also, surprisingly enough, this type of vertical jump test has the highest correlation with football ability. That is, it is a better predictor of ability than the 40yd, 10yd, or 5-10-5 shuttle.

xlr8, what information is this statement based upon? I am curious as to what you are referencing (statistical reports, research articles, personal experience/observations, etc.)


I believe the NFL did a study on this. I’ve never seen it though. Anyone?

I think it was in an NSCA journal a year or two ago — and I believe the correlation was between draft order and VJ

Yes, I saw a paper on this somewhere . I’ll see if I can dig up a reference later but it was a while ago, so no promises.

so just for reference sake, I’m 173 cms tall and VJ (in the manner described. No drop step) 69 cms is that good???

Well, i guess it is not a question of how tall you are but how tall you can touch.
Otherwise, considering height, i might have 73cm…so,
yeah, 69 is damn good !!!

There was an article published in the NSCA Journal Volume 14 Number 3, 1992 by Kris Berg, Richard Latin and Thomas Baechle called “Physical fitness of NCAA Division I Football Players”. The article was adapted from “Physical and Performance Characteristics of NCAA Division I Football Players” by the same authors published in the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 61 (1990), p. 395-401.

Surveys were sent to 65 schools including all teams ranked in the final AP and UPI Top 20 polls for 1987. Data comes from 40 Division I schools collected in the spring of 1987, 17 of which were ranked in the Top 20. Data pertains to starters only on both defense and offense and does not include kickers.

“power showed a significant relationship (p<0.05) with a team’s final ranking. This finding supports the contention of Wilmore (The Physican and Sports Medicine 4:45-54, 1976) that power may distinguish the best and lesser football players at each position. It is also interesting that the only variable significantly related to rank among the 17 ranked teams was power measured from the vertical jump. Thus power not only differentiates among ranked teams, but also between ranked and unranked teams.”

Football Coach

how are broad jumps exactly measured??? is it from the front of the feet before take off and the back of the feet when you land???

Yes. Normally a line is toed by the athlete and the distance is measured out.

Here in Brazil we used a “touch method”,
we´re looking and measuring how taw you cold take from the air, touching some point then subtracted your max height

ok, tonight i was playing with kids, i mean, real kids ( a 7 years old girl and a 8 years old boy ), so,
we started to jump from stairs, and that who jumped more steps directly to the ground was the winner ( me miself include, of course ).
The girl stops at 4 degree, the boy stoped at 6, what was very impressive for us, because 6 steps is almost his height.
Well, i did my work and jumped from 8 degree, because the 8th was the last one. The only problem was that i coudn´t jump up, but only down, to get the floor and not tuch my head at the roof. :eek:
After that, we started a vertical leap play, the boy´s tallest touch while planted on floor was 1.68m and the tallest touch jump was 1.94m, so, 26cm of vertical leap ( hope jump booth feet the same time ).
The girl´s tallest point in the floor was 1.67m and the tallest with jump was 1.86m, so, 19cm of vertical leap.
Then was me, my tallest point topping the head was 1.83cm ( my height ) and i touch with my head on the roof it was 2.51m, so, 68cm vertical leap height.
I figure out this,
as i was “competing” against little kids, i was totally free of obligations, so, it was easy to fly.
Confidence it´s everything.

My coach seems to think I should achieve a higher jump by dropping off a bench b4 i explode up compared to a stationary jump. Is this what you mean by drop step? By the way I got less dropping off bench!!

No, the jump your coach is trying to have you do is technically a depth jump. A drop step would be taking a step and lowering your body down close to the ground and then exploding up.