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Charlie, Rupert, etc.,

Where can I read more on this? I’ve been considering purchasing the e-books for some time, but hesitated after reading posts about the quality of the e-books (I don’t know something about they look like photocopies and appear very blurry). Help me, please. And I’m not lazy, I searched the site. I’m just not interested in hearing Charles "Stole"y’s thoughts on Charlies work.

See Ian Kings videos on the subject.

Get the Forum Review first. It’s clear with top graphics. then the CFTS. The CFTS isn’t the best in terms of appearance because the graphics were so present throughout the book that we couldn’t use the same method for presentation as in Speed Trap and the Review.

Humm, my opinion about the e-books…
You have 2 options;
1st: Read on your PC Monitor ( which is sucks and uncomfortable );
2nd: Print and read in paper, as i did; you only have to set the print format, i printed even the Face of The e-books, then i made 2 books ( CFTS & ST ) the quality is very good, don´t worry about this.
Yestarday for example, i started my 2nd read of Speed Trap ( 305 pages of pure sprin & thrilling reading ), i was encouraged by CF since he mentioned some Speed Trap contents concerning about things that will help me in my actual phase.

I purchased CFTS and am anxiously waiting for my download. Thanks, everyone.

I remember a member mentioning that the e-books (or some) and the GPP DVD was not working properly on Mac’s, is this true or still the case?

I am interested in purchasing some of Charlie’s master pieces in the near future, but as I’m sure many of you know, I am a Mac user and I don’t want to get any of the items if they would not work properly on my Mac. Thanks.

oh! almost forgot, do the GPP DVDs still come with Charlie’s John Handcock?

If you already have an ADOBE ACROBAT READER you don´t have to worry about the e-books…if not, it´s free, go ahead

ok thanks Flying, that answers the ebooks, how about the DVD?