Varying volumes of high intensity elements

Is there any benefit in adjusting the weekly(or on a per workout basis) volumes of different element such as speed, plyo’s, med ball throws or weights?

For instance, instead of doing a regular speed session you would reduce the volume and then add extra med ball throws or weight work?

Great question!
I’m kind of curious as to other’s opinions on this too.

The way that I look at it is you must organize every training session dependant on the desired training effect. The order as well as the volume of the training methods react with each other to determine the outcome. It’s kind of like baking. Many baked goods have the same ingredients with differences in the amount of each ingredient and the time in which the ingredient is added. These factors will determine what comes out of the oven. You should always determine what training effect you are looking for before starting the training session, whether it is speed, strength, agility, or a conjugate effect.

Any other theories?

as firebird already said, it depends on what you want out of the session. the real question is why would you want to vary the volume of your elements on a session by session basis?

See Vertical Integration.

Do you have any links? I couldn’t find much on this site or elitetrack.