varying reps each workout

Has anyone here ever tried vaying repetitions each workout in their weight training, with or without success?

A recent article in a Peak performance newsletter (UK training journal) claimed this method showed superior results to other methods tested - constant amount of repetitions across workouts, and traditional linear periodisation.

I can’t remember the proper name for this method, perhaps Daily Undulating Periodisation?

An example of reps under this method.
Workout 1: all sets 8 reps, Workout 2: all sets 6 reps, Workout 3: all sets 3 reps. Workout 4: repeat cycle. Volume remains similar (as close as possible) each workout due to adjusting number of sets.

training like this is stone age IMO :slight_smile:

What kind of “better results”? Bigger lifts - or higher performance?

What you’re describing is a form of non-linear periodization. Fleck & Kraemer cite in Designing Resistance Training Programs a study that found non-linear periodization to be more effective than traditional, linear periodization. Fleck & Kraemer give an example of a non-linear scheme with each lift trained 3x per week using different rep ranges (i.e. Monday - 12-15 reps, Wednesday 3-5 reps, Friday - 6-8 reps).