Using Timed Intervals for Squats to Develop Strength


I’m trying to build my max strength in the squat in the hope of increasing my vertical and and exposiveness. I shooting for 2-3x my body weight (65 lbs). Im confused on which protocols to use. I decided to grease the groove so Im going to train three days a week but I dont know if Im going to use Bill Starr’s Heavy/medium/light system or use pavel’s 3x5 method. I am also considering using timed intervals for squats because I read in Explosive Power and Jumping for Sports that this is one of three ways to build RFD/power. Using 50% of your 1 reps max, time yourself for the first set and then add one second to this. Add around 5 kg each set. If in the succeeding set you exceed this interval, it means that your speed is deteriorating, so you must stop the workout and just try to beat this during the next training session. For instance, during the 1st set of squats you do 5 reps in 5 seconds, add 1 second, this will be the max time for you to do your next sets. Continue adding weight each set, until you cannot perform 5 reps under 6 seconds anymore. Is this a good method for achieving explosive strength? Is it also a good method for increasing max strength?

I meant my weight was 65 kg (not lbs :smiley: ) and shooting for around 350-450 lbs 1 RM squat.