Using the GPP DVD program for people who are not sprinters?

I am an 18 year old freshman in college, and I am looking into getting back into training. I trained for basketball pretty much my entire high school career, and now I havent done any training at all in about 6-8 months.

My question is, can the GPP DVD be used for a person who is not a sprinter? I am training mainly to maintain health and to improve physique, but I wouldnt call myself a bodybuilder. I am just trying to get into shape and lean out a little bit. I am 5’11 and 165 and in pretty decent shape, but I have a state of the art gym across the street from my dorm and I dont want to waste that access.

This leads me to my second question: If I am not training to sprint, are the hill sprints and medball work needed? Can I get away with the warmup, tempo/abs, and weights and then not do the sprinting? I am on an extremely tight schedule so this is why I ask this.

In summary, I am wondering if the GPP program would be a wise choice for me to follow if I am just trying to improve my physique and get into shape. And are the high intensity speed days needed if I will never be sprinting? (I spend my time in a boat for my sport) :smiley:

If nothing else they add variety to your training and the benefits of speed carry over to all sports. I would suggest give it a run through once and you may adapt it from there…never know you might end up a sprinter :smiley:

I may end up adding some sprinting to the program, but im still not sure. I used to run track a bit and I am pretty much done with it I think. However, I find charlie’s methods the most effective and I want to stick with them. This is why I am wondering if I should follow the gpp dvd program, but I replace the sprints with a 2 mile jog or something to that nature. I will not be doing anything that requires high intensity such as sprints, so why do them besides add variety? I may end up adding them but I am not sure…

If your goal is to improve physique and general fitness, why not just do what’s there? Sprinters have the best bodies IMO. If time is short, the relaxed sprints will take far less time than a 2 mile jog in their place.

i agree the tempo runs will get u lean and the sprints and weights will make ur lower body look very impressive, thats if u like nice hamstrings and gluts.