Using The Arms

When it comes to sprinting I have never used my arms like I should; they just kind of hung there.

In the past two years I have increased my upper body strength considerably and I don’t know if it’s the strength or just the awareness that i need to USE my arms but I make sure I use them!

I mean, when I do the 30m sprints I slam my arms up and down and I “feel” like I’m generating more power! Anyhow, is it true that the faster I pump my arms the faster I should theoretically be able to run?

some say that proper arm mechanics can generate more (10%) power. others say the arms basically provide balance. i think it is absolutely crucial to use your arms efficiently and powerfully if you want to reach your maximum speed. at max velocity focus more on the downswing rather than the upswing. the arm (elbow) that drives down will help produce more force with the opposite leg.

Wow, 10% well it sure feels like it.