Using tempo, Special Endurance and Str End for increased HGH secretion

Would the HGH secretion associated with anaerobic lactic acid training be beneficial if included on a regular basis?

Things like short break tempo,long tempo, strength endurance drills and special endurance could be combined to create spikes in HGH secretion throughout the week. Without ever interfering with CNS recovery or work.

Something like this built around a typical short to long program:

Sun: Speed,Strength End drills, throws, plyos, weights
Mon: Short break tempo
Tue: Accels, Special End, Weights
Wed: long tempo (300s)
Thurs: Same as sunday
Fri: Short break tempo
Sat: off

In this setup, a lactic burn element is included on each training day. Would this be beneficial at all? It seems like franno includes lots of anaerobic burn type activities, is this possibly the reason for it?

HGH secretion is far more complex and any attempt to train in order to increase HGH output, especially without blood work being done, would probably not be the best way to spend your time. Additionally, the added lactic work would mean less time spent on other elements, what event are you training for?

I’m training for the 60m for next season. I was just wondering about this more as a concept then to actually implement it into my own training for now.

I’m mostly wondering if the increases in hgh would be substantial enough for it to be beneficial in other areas. And the inclusion of this type of work wouldnt replace or interfere with any of the other elements, just be supplemental, almost purely for the benefits.