USATF VS. Frank Dick

Which chart is more accurate when looking at short sprint times?

I haven’t liked the accuracy using 150m and 250m times. My timing method must be different than theirs.

What about 30 and 60m times?

I found usa to be predictable with 30 m block timespredicting 60 and 100 times

The usa charts are tough, dicks charts are more friendly… lol

It depends on how fast you are. I think you’ll find that Frank Dick is quite pessimistic for 10.5 and faster, and quite optimistic for 12.0 and slower. I get the impression that he had a fairly small sample size in his data set and made incorrect assumptions over the range of possible sprint times. The error seems to be smaller if you average several sprint times (30,60,150,250).

I think you’ll find USATF to be much more accurate overall.

I agree…

I don’t have access to reliable timing equipment for those, so I don’t know.