Usain bolt-cologne germany (short documentary clip with subtitles)

-can someone explain or expand on what the ‘molecular medicine professor’ istalking about regarding the white fibers and calcium for contraction?

Not sure how much you don’t understand flettotenko so forgive the following if it is patronizing for you:

White fiber (fast twitch) is larger in cross sectional diameter, more elastic, lower in oxidative capacity and more ‘energetically expensive’ than red fiber.

An afferent nerve impulse is sent to the muscle, the contraction is caused by the release of rCa2+ which then releases the myosin’s binding site on actin filaments. After the contraction, calcium ‘flows’ back in the sarcoplasmic reticulum and allows the muscle to relax.

Oh ok, i understood that which you stated/rehashed james, however i thought something may have been lost in the translation(non specific/somewhat broken english translations)

More specifically, I’m wondering about the calcium blockage translation and the faucet example(the channel doesn’t fully close but also doesn’t fully allow to switch on/“fire?”)