Usain Bolt bunny hops and leap frogs.

According to the following web site url, Usain bolt includes bunny hops and frog leaps in his training. I thought that to be unusuall for a world class sprinter, to bother with bunny hops and leap frogs, because they are much slower plyometrics than many other forms of plyos.

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Do you think he does really bother with bunny hops and leap frogs? I know that his coach performed bunny hops and leap frogs and recomends them for the throwers, and that might be why the website concluded that sprinter Usain also does them. But they might be right.

Also, the literature suggests he did walking lunges. I have seen Asafa powell do walking lunges, and as both training groups are not too far apart, I can see that usain Bolt may very well do them also. What kind of distance might he cover with the walking lunges?

Any body have any other information on Usains’ strength or prepatory work?

He said he benches/squats all the time, 3-5 days a week. Any ideas of lifting numbers?

I can tell you one thing about the article that is ridiculous. Doing heavy strength with 8-12 wont lead to explosivity only mass…


What do you mean “8-12”? Is “explosivity” even a word?

It is well documented that to be able to activate the type-IIA/X muscle fibers you need to load at least 85% of 1RM which is impossible to do with 8-12 reps.
The most explosive athletes are the Olympic Lifters and as a rule, they never do more than 1-3 reps with about 3-6 sets.
Maybe get your facts straight before you start to comment.

“Explosivity” is not a word, it is in Swedish, the correct translation would be explosiveness. Thank you mr.word-expert.

Are you sure that your “well documented rule” applies on subjects with extreme FT ratios? If you have a fiber ratio of let’s say +70% FT. Will your 30% ST even be able to move lets say 75% of you 1RM in a certain movement?

On top of that; what happens to recruitment of FT fibers if you are working against the resistance with higher intensity (in this context; speed)?

Im not sure that i understood what you just asked, the sentence seemed to miss a few words here and there =) But the way i got the question was if the studies done was done on subjects with a high FT%

To the question at hand that is irrelevant since on a cellular level, the load required to promote a translation of the right gene for the right type of myosin is only possible in a max weight exercise. And so, to develop more FT fibers, a high intensity training program is required.
It is however important to note that the entire muscle is activated during high power lifts, but the energy systems used to “power” the muscle is completely different from one set of weights to another.

Speed in itself, with low resistance, is a matter of neural adaption and genetics.

Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training: From Molecules to Man. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 38(11):1965-1970, November 2006

The article isnt the best, lets be honest…they didnt even realise he was world record holder for the 200m! so how accurate do you think the rest of it will be?!