usain bolt 9.69 (0 wind)


shut it down at 80m, omg!!! it’s unreal.

crazy race by usain

asafa choked

thompson second?
dix third?

honestly what happened to asafa? he got a proper start? didnt slow down really…

If Ben raised the arm to amaze us, Bolt has done something that no one has done before. He did not care about the record. It was like - come on boys I am running alone!!

I almost got an asthma attack … I do not know what to say.

This is over, earthlings

That was hands down the greatest moment in the history of sport IMHO. The confidence. The talent. The entertainment of Usain Bolt. Amazing. I’m still in disbelief.

Good on Thompson and Dix. To Asafa: Fuck man, tough times getting beaten so badly like that. Hopefully Asafa will bounce back though.

This could even top Phelps!

After a couple relay legs, powell will have race 18 in rieti italy :slight_smile:

good thing he finally managed to convince his coach to have a bit of a go at the 100m… :rolleyes:

LOL now what? I guess we will have to wait for the 200m. Anyone want to start predicting times.

9,69 - fantastic race!

However, I’m sad he didn’t reveal human potential… :mad:

Like Igor Ter-Ovanesyan said to Ralph Boston after seeing Beamon
“He has made us look like children.”



Human you say? I’m not so sure he’s from this World. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well one of the Aussie commentators stopped Bolt and asked him a couple of questions just after the semis.

Journo - “How much do you have left?”
Bolt - “A lot!”


was BBC (british)…i just wanted to see what he’ll run in the 100m