US Trials Record 9.91s

Remind me Seoul…4 guys under 10.0s.

can i not download it on my pc? like the T&T trials??

I´m afraid not,
i guess it is a hosted videoclip.

Mo is friggin’ muscular as hell !

yeah ive noticed that as well, god damn look at his chest and shoulders!!
he must have spent hell loads in the weights room than he did last season to get to that, much bigger than last season…

im guessin the olympics now from wat ive seen are goin sub 9.85! for sure…

MAURICE GREENE IS defending the biggest title on the planet.

That was the biggest and most important 100m race of the year.

Welkl done to the rest of the U.S team, Crawford and Galtin.


Great race! Do you guys know where the trials were held?

I believe the trials are in Sacramento.

Enough about Mo being big, what about Shawn Crawford, is it me or does it look like that man got superman big overnight, cause I dont remember Shawn Crawford ever being this muscular.

Hmm sounds like this may be leading to something that is not allowed on this board, please go back and read the forum rules. Btw, where are the forum rules, if one wanted to go back and review?

I agree lilrob32, Mo Greene looks bigger but Crawford is 2 bigger…
I don´t know if it happened from night to day, but the true is that he is looking more muscular than ever. ( upper body )
Don´t forget to look Crawford´s spikes.

Thats a good idea. If I get to the point where I’m good enough to where I know that I’ll be the best at the dual meets than maybe I’ll get two sets of spikes with different colors and mix and match. But first I gotta get that good.

From what I remember Crawford has always had a big upper Body, even in college.

I just remember his photos from Howard Schwartz’s Athlete. He was by far the most aesthic, symmetrical and awesome specimen in there. My mom, who was a design major was drooling when I showed her the photos. You know that guy claims to not have had a seroius coach until about 3 months ago? Amazing

I saw on TV the races against Giraffa and Zebra, seems outline while Crawford´s was running, i don´t know if was because of the surface ( looks like a sand “track” ) but his right leg was a little outside while coming from rear to front.
Just my view.

According to this interview with Gatlin, Crawford benches 364.

Not bad for what 6’ 185lbs.

Which is why I think he’s going to drop down some crazy times in the next few years becoming THE U.S sprinter.

He was a quite slim athlete. But his muscles growing constantly, about 10 pounds within the last 4 years. Seems quite normal to me. He looked heavier 2 years ago, WIC 2004 he came back quite slim again…