Upper-lower body strength interactions

Could an increase in upper body strength (eg.bench) possibly bring on an increase in lower body strength (eg squatting) , even if it comes with a bit of a “lag time” ? Have you noticed such a phenomenon?

No, but I certainly can vouch for the opposite scenario!

I guess every exercise has

  1. Central Component
  2. Local Component

of adaptation. Thus, no matter what you do will transfer to everything else you do (due the central component). Anyway, this transfer depends on your level (strenght, speed, training age…) and exercise type. Sometime the transfer is negative. Due this factor (central effect), begginers do not need too much of specificity, but later they do.
Maybe I am just *hitting here or maybe this makes sense… I haven’t experience it in practice due the fact that I train whole body moslty in strength trainign sessions…

I have experienced the opposite. I haven’t squatted or deadlifted for 10 months, yet I still do a lot of upper body work. I found that my lower body strength levels did not drop off. I believe upper body strenght has some effect but speed work helps maintain lower body strength more then anything else.

Yes. we’ve discussed this in hte general strength threads and in the forum reviews under general organism strength. This is part of why we do it.

Where EVERY phenomenon starts and ends in us humans? In the BRAIN.Do we have an “upper body” brain and a"lower body" brain? We all have just one!

The “lag time” you notice is due to factors which interfere with the proper neurological wiring and patterning.Remove those factors,whatever they may be,and you will find immediate correlations.

Very interesting, guys! Thanks:)


So the speed work can replace the LB’s weights work?