Upper Body Ems?

Is it wise for a sprinter to use EMS on the upperbody as well as the lower? Also, are there any documents or sites on the net that show where to place the electrodes for both the upper and lowerbody. Any help you can give me would be :smiley: great?

Also, what is the best machine to buy? I’ve been doing some research but i cant seem to find any machine that will manually allow me to change the setting to 10second contractions and 50 seconds rest. It’s really weird that they have all these pre programmed excercises but won’t actually allow you to use it properly.

I have the same question as Shanco, what unit to buy? And hopefully we suggest something that is not extravagantly expensive (as in something less than $300 hopefully).

i might look at the ems7500 if you’re looking for a good unit that is very economical. I got mine from wisdomking for like $45. If you’re serious, I’d buy two of them (so you have a total of 8 electrodes and you can do both legs at a time). I also have the vital stim 400 but it is like $300. I think the ems7500 is better for someone who is new to EMS.

Regarding body placement charts, search around for the Compex unit’s manual in PDF form. I think I have it on my other computer but I’m in the process of moving and it’s packed awa.

BTW, the Compex unit may be the best of all but it’s like $900 ish

For electrode sites go to www.compex.info and download the manuals for thier units. There are diagrams for almost every muscle.


I’ve used ems on my chest and upper back with good results. If you want a good machine, I’d go with the ems 4000, it’s got 4 channels = 8 electrodes. I just got the 4000R and it’s really powerful.


The thing with the prescribed rest intervals is that if the full rest period on the machine isn’t 50 secs you can turn the stim time down after each rep so that it will only work for a brief second and you’ll have two rest intervals of say 30 seconds each.

Is there a good machine out there that lets you actually use charlie’s recommended contraction and rest. Hopefully also having 8 elctrodes. Also I read CF’s truth about ems but it seems fairly light when it comes to the upperbody side of things. Virtually saying that its not worth it because it will hurt too much. Other studies do say that it has advantages for boxers in the bi/tri region so i’m thinkin i might give it a go, after all i do love the pain. :eek:

I seperated my shoulder badly 2 months ago. Used ems on my shoulder and chest region. Now I can bench more than I ever could. It works on any group of muscles you use it on. The benefits will just be greater on the larger muscle groups.

yo blinky i seperated my shoulder as well (grade 2 +) but that was years ago. Was wondering what method you went about applying the EMS, you know like mins rest and how long you use the device and rest, you know sets and reps like weights.

I use the typical on 10 sec, off 50, for about ten reps. I put the electrodes on my upper chest and shoulder area. I also put them on my traps for another set.

Try Swedish CEFAR… expensive but worth every dollar spent. State of the art technology! www.cefar.se

Thanks Donovan,
Thats an awesome site, electrode placement guide and everything. How much is the myo xt though it doesnt say?

Cefar Myo 4 is around 800 US$, model with programming posibilities 900 US$ - for XT I really wouldn’t know. Electrodes are 20 US$ and you can use them ca. 40+ times.

does the myo 4 allow you to adjust the contration time and rest time settings

I thought EMS to chest was something to avoid

There are 596 various programs but you can create your own or download new programs from official cefar site