Unusual foot noise when Sprinting

Hi all,
I am coaching some kids aged 15-17yrs for over 3 months now. One of my male athletes, since the beginning until now has always sprinted with an unusually loud stomping sound of his feet. I have tried to detect the problem to no avail. If any one here has encountered this similar problem and maybe can assist me? I have tried changing shoes, asked him to try to run tall…

Did he go through a growth spurt or anything recently? Sometimes that can temporarily make athletes a little flat footed. Other than that, check for fatigue(whether due to workouts or lifestyle habits) and/or do more work on grass.

I agree with the above, and also suggest the cue of “running over the ground” that Charlie talks about in Speed Trap. Runners run on the ground, sprinters run over it. Cueing running over the ground has always made strides smooth for me.