Under striding

Analyzing numeous footage of races that I ahve taped from various races throughout this indoor year as well as some professional races that I have watched I have notcied one thing in particular. I take approximately one more stride then other people in the first 30 meters of a 60 meter race.

This must mean that I am using more energy and also that I am taking many more strides over the full 60 meters and of course over every other distance in which I am to run.

Obviously this must be an issue of small strides. How can one change this? Are there specefic drills. Can you change your stride length without changing your catence?


The number of strides is also determined by starting position, departure angle from the blocks, leg length, power… In short, don’t worry about what other people are doing, concentrate on yourself. BTW, Ben took one more step in the first 10m than the rest of the field.

I am not sure if this is right but, it looks like Ben beat them out on the first step. When everyone else was starting the first touchdown Ben was already starting to make his second step.