UK Sprint coaches

Are there any UK coaches or UK sprinters on the forum who know of coaches familiar with Charlies training methods ?

I’d really appreciate some observation & advice on improvement particularly in the areas of start technique and general form and would be able to travel a reasonable distance to fit in with occasional group sessions from time to time .

er and ignore this mouse jumping around on the left it has nothing to do with me .

I guess I’ll have to blow my student loan on a digi cam then :smiley:

Where do you live?

Can anyone list the top groups and their location for the UK?

TY Charlie & David

I live in Crawley West Sussex - we’ve had a few sub 11’s from here over the years ( Daley Thompson being one ) and I enjoy training with our local club - the coach is a great Old Fella and has probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know - but…

I don’t want to work long to short and …

I get concerned when I’m advised to keep my arm drive below shoulder height / stay out of the gym / drive my rear arm back at the start / have short recoveries etc etc

I’m sure there’s lots of good advice in with the bad - but the problem comes in sifting through & not having the experience to know for sure - if I’m gonna listen I want to be able to trust what I’m hearing

Any suggestions appreciated
I may get the cam anyway :smiley:

Not really my area but…


Woodford Green

Prominent Coaches:
Ayo Fayola
Mike McFarlane
Linford Christie
Tony Lester
Malcom Arnold (D’Arcy Cummings)
David Leece
Nick Dakin
Mike Smith
Lloyd Cowan
John Regis

TY David - I’ll just get on the phone to Linford :smiley: - O & happy birthday mate!

Actually I know a girl at sale mebbe I can make my way in there on occasional basis ( the club I mean :wink: ) lol

I’ll continue to ask on the circuit as well - I hope I don’t seem disloyal

Thanks! Can you put locations beside the coaches’ names and/or contact info?

There is actually a sprint coach in Manchester who trains some of the Sale sprinters and his name is John Smith. I don’t know if he uses HSI’s, or Charlies, training methods though. In fact I do not know of any training groups in Northern England who use Charlies methods or even extensive tempo…pity.

Loughborough doesn’t have a sprint coach (not one worth mentioning anyway)- I went there!

You don’t happen to know a 400m runner called Iggy do you jimbo ? or a pole vaulter called Rob -
both were at Loughborough in recent years

used to be trained by john smith uk manchester ran 10.80 at 18 yr old

speedx, where did you go after that, or did you retire with John Smith?

retire no i needed to train on diffrent days because of collage and work so changed coach… got hurt in training 2 years in a row strating to train now for winter 60meters

Thats right jimbo he loves em lol - he’s up to sets of about 92kg I think - but has a few shoulder probs - he’s with Sutcliffes group now I think

That’s a bummer speedx - what were ur injuries ?

I know Helen Roscoe from Loughborough, who is now still coached there by her mother Jan Roscoe (my old coach), a 200/400 international from the 70s, with a few other girls.

right quad was going well both years when i got hurt oh well…
just started to train with mate after being out for a bit. :wink:

Not to hijack your thread.

What about in Australia or other parts of the world - who followa similar philosophy to this forum.

Do you get specific in location. Considering if you say for example DCW is in NSW. It would cost me $300 to catch a plane and then he could still be 4 hours away from Sydney.

Trying to find coaches with open minds as are evident on this forum is a nightmare -
whenever I’ve mentioned ‘Sir Charles’ - I get the response ’ O what - that Canadian bloke ’

I give up after that - its funny how most athletes respond in a different way tho

Just mention the concepts and leave my name out of it. Does any coach really want to be “second guessed” directly?