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Deadlifts: too slow, too stressful… or so I thought

Wanted to share with you my progression over the last month. Having PRed in a comp I thought it was a good time to take a break from the technical lifts torefresh my enthusiasm. My choice of exercise? Snatch deadlift.

My program:

Tue, Thurs: 6 x3r @75% 3RM
Sun: 10k increments to 3RM

In just four weeks I took my 3RM from 145 to 170. No biggy though eh - adaptation is quicker with a new exercise. Two other unexpected results however:

  1. 3kg increase in lean body mass - traps and hammies!
  2. 5% increase on snatch (despite no snatch/power snatch traiing)

Wow, excellent gains! :clap:

Was that the only exercise you were doing over that timeframe, or were you also doing other assistance movements?


Just front squats (Increase 3RM by 2.5k) and med ball throws

David you have said before in other posts that you notice from your own training how specific improvements in exercises are - e.g you can improve your clean pull without any noticable gains in the snatch pull. Has your view on this changed any?

p.s congratulations on the gains :o


I think they are too stressful included with other exercises, but they do the trick.

Well done. Still good gains-I guess you are experienced and gains like that don’t come along everyday :smiley:

Like they say, strengthen the muscles used in the lift, and the lift will go up :slight_smile:

Did you use straps while doing em? And did you increase the ROM by doing them on a podium or similar?

Grip is the main weakness of the snatch drip deadlifts. And they sure hammer the lats and upper back as well.

Good job, David! Impressive. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Did you make any nutrition/supplement changes during this time? Were you doing any other training at the time - i.e. running, biking… ?

Colin: Yeah I used straps. Grip is a limiting factor without. I did them from the floor, my grip is fairly wide so the starting position was deep enough

JimboUKdec: Its hard to say. I feel my weakness with my snatch has always been the first pull - I can hang snatch 110kg which was 10k above my best from the floor. I guess this exercise helped close that gap. Since I haven’t cleaned in over a month its hard to say how it will be effected. I think the med ball throws may have been the ‘sleeper’ exercise. If RFD improved at both ends everything in the middle would benefit?

Carson: Supplementation was pretty constant (Creatine, Prolab N-Large, ZMA). Aerobic work? Don’t be silly!

"Aerobic work? Don’t be silly! "

Your epitaph, perhaps David? :smiley: