Tyson Gay - the forgotten man?

Somewhere forgotten in all the current Caribbean obsession is Tyson Gay. Does anyone know what he’s up to?

In the SPP download CF raises an interesting topic about on neural patterning and gives the example of Maurice Greene running 9.79 with a huge tailwind before he even went to John Smith and subsequently ran it again, coincidence? Not to Charlie. From how I understood it it was basically the time was neurally ‘locked in’ and Greene just needed to get stronger to be able to repeat it.

As we know Gay ran 9.68 at the OG trials and since Beijing has been out of the spotlight and without all the distractions Bolt in particular has had. Will be interesting what he comes up with over the next couple of years.

Sometimes when it’s quiet it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I’m sure we will find out soon enough.

wouldnt this then advocate over speed training?



Seems he had a 6 week knee injury during the fall.:frowning:


“The first week of training, I think I was going too hard,” Gay said this week. “I felt good the first week. We were doing great and I was going hard. But probably too hard for the first week. It was just a mistake I made knowing it was a big year, trying to step it up when I just should have relaxed and eased into it.”

hard to comment without knowing the specific situation but wouldn’t you expect where despite his intentions it was difficult to go too hard?

a-j I don’t think anyone disagrees with overspeed work just how it is done, if it negatively affects mechanics then not good.