Tyson Gay Squat

I was just reading on tysongay.net

There is written:

"Comment from: sweetlu27 [Member]
hi tyson, i heard that strength is directly related to speed and i was just wondering, how much do you squat?

thank you for your time, lu


Yes, strength is a big part of a sprinters success. I’ve always had to be careful in the weight room though due to some injuries. I squat 225 pounds.


I can’t believe it, does he really squats “no better than” 225 pounds?

I know that sprinting is not just about strength but I think that’s kinda weird for a world class sprinter.


I heard the 225 is ATG.

EDIT: That’s half of the guy who squats 450 ATG :eek: :eek: that we talked about in the other thread.

I’m pretty sure there’s another thread on here with this exact same quote and a host of replies regarding it.

Thats probably what he works out with, those are the kind of numbers M. Irving, D. Sanders, and plenty of other speed guys did. Its not always about lifting heavy wieghts, especially not in season.:wink:

Can you elaborate on that please? Are you saying that these guys didn’t ever really squat big? Also how deep were they going with that weight.

I have been reluctant to squat as my left shoulder is prone to subluxation and has done so on a few occasions when the weight is heavy, 160kg+. Therefore I stopped squatting as I didn’t feel I could push myself on that lift. Are you suggesting you can get a year round benefit from squatting without ever going particularly heavy? At the moment I replace it with deadlift, but I feel this isn’t really hitting my glutes the way I would like to.