Type of squat and effect on grow

Witch one is the most suited for a sprinter?

Front squat
Full squat
7 inches box squat
Parallel squat

Witch one is your favorite?

And I’m 16 and still small (5p7), I wouldn’t like to stop growing because of performing series of 1-3 rep so how many reps do you suggest?

You have asked an question which is highly subject to debate and ,more importantly, highly dependent on your specific abilities strengths/weaknesses, both in the weight room and on the track.

Depending on how your split is set up will dictate where you may place higher volumes of lifts/assistance work which will facilitate functional muscle growth, without hindering your sprinting performance.


You don’t have to fear about the weights making you smaller when lifting heavy. That just isn’t true and your 16 now.


Id say deep box squats or full squats for their ham/glute recruitment

full squats

You forgot one. Jump squats


As a caveat I will say, except for the REA version the rest, for most people, especially with regard to the thighs, are useless without a prior strength base.