TWhite03 Training Log

Tuesday June 20
Bar Complex Warm-up
Belt Squat on Vertimax 5x15(Back was feeling a little tight so I did these instead of back squats)
Altitude Drops 36" 5x3, Land in Lunge Position 2x3
A1. Bench 8x5@250
A2. Glute-Ham 3x8, Reverse Hyper 2x10, Band Leg Drive 2x15
MB Chest Pass 3x5 reps
Chin-Ups 3x10
4x300(Run in under a minute, minute rest)
1 hour 7 on 7
Contrast Baths 3 min hot, 1 min cold. Repeat 3 times

Wednesday June 21
Bar Complex Warm-up
Band Box Squat 5x5@255
Power Snatch 4X3@150 3x3@175 w/ 3 Lunge Jumps between sets
PB reverse hyper 3x10
PB leg curl 3x10
3 way Shoulder w/20lb DB
MB throw down 4x5 reps
Barbell Row 3x10
Sand Running
Agility Drills
45 min 7 on 7
Foam Roll
5 min cold tub
Before bed, 10 min. ground based hip mobility
AIS 15 min.

Thursday June 22
Bar Complex Warm-up
Hang Clean and Jerk 7x2@205 w/ 2 box jumps between sets(last few sets were done on 55 in. box)
Concentric Floor Press 7x2 up to last set at 325
Legs up Bench 5x5@235
MB Arc Throws 5x5 ea. side
Dips 3x10
Single Arm Alternating Curls 3x10
10x30 yards Weighted Sled with 45lb. plate
10 runs halfway up stadium steps
75 min. 7 on 7
Foam Roll

Friday June 23
Dynamic Warmup
Competition Day
Relay Race O-skill vs. D-skill
Hip/low back mobility circuit

This weekend I’m gonna try to get some low volume heavy weights work with deadlifts as well as low volume acceleration work.

Hey Twhite, whats your PR’s and what sports do you play.

I play football. I’ll most likely run track next spring as well

100: 10.5 (from high school)
40: I haven’t timed FAT but best hand clockings are in 4.2-4.3 range
VJ: 38.5"
SLJ: 10’ 7.5"
Bench: 350 max(usually around 335 though) 21 reps@225
Squat: 510
Clean: 318

Damn, impressive numbers. What position? Height, weight, age? Where and who do you play for?

I play for Baylor, WR 6’2.5 205. I’ll be a sophomore on the field.

Really, I live in Waco, TX. Do you know who O’dell James, the Assistant S&C coach over there is. Because he is about to start getting me in shape for football. I had to go to him because I was too young(15) for any other sports specific training in Waco.

Ya, I know Odell well, really good guy.

COOL! I just looked at the roster and you’re going to play behind Dominique Zeigler. But that guy gets hurt often so you might get to play alot this year maybe.

Are those workouts that you posted the workouts you do at Baylor?

That’s what we did last week…
The new offense is great, we have a lot of talent at receiver so it should be fun to watch.

So is O’dell a good S&C coach? I cant wait to start working out w/ him, and I start this monday.

I haven’t worked personally with him, but he knows his stuff, as do the rest of the staff. I doubt there is a better person for you to work with in the Waco area.

Thanks man.

Well on the phone he guaranteed me that I would be in better shape for football than my friends would be in.

I think Baylor this year will go to a bowl game. Heck, they should have gone to a bowl game this year if they didnt get cheated out by all those other teams. That must have been tough to beat out all of those wideouts at Baylor. There is a lot of talent this year

Big, strong, athletic WR sounds like. Look forward to reading your journal, I’m a WR myself, 5’10" 185 lbs. Good luck, maybe I’ll catch you on TV this season, but I don’t get to watch to much college ball unless they are night games; I play all my games on Saturdays myself. I play over at SRJC in CA. I’ll be a soph on the field as well. Best of luck!

Thanks man, good luck to you as well

Monday June 26
Bar Complex Warmup
Power Clean 6x4@245
Power Pull 5x3@255
High Pull 4x4@185
RDL 4x8@185
Bentover Row 4x10@155+Alternating Curl 4x10
Shrug 4x10@315

All with moderate to almost full rest
40 min. route running

O’dell and I are going to the floyd casey stadium and baylor’s weight room tommorow at 11am, so there might be a chance that I might see you. You were right, O’dell knows his stuff!

Tuesday June 27th
Bar Complex Warm-up
Wave loaded Vertimax-3x10(heavy belt squat)(2x20, 2x10 jump squats)
A1. Bench 4x6@245, 2x6@275
A2. Glute-Ham 3x8, Reverse Hyper 3x10
A1. Step-ups 2x6@155, 1x6@185
A2. Dips 3x12
A1. Rear delt machine 2x10
A2. Band Bicep curl 2x10

1 Patriot (880 or 900 yard shuttle)
Various Agility ladder work (mainly frequency drills)
75 min 7 on 7

Is the heavy belt squat a belt around your hips?

I cant beleive Dominique Zeigler only benches 205 and squats 300! those numbers are very close to my numbers.

Yes it goes around your waist and you attach the cables to connections on your hip. Ziggy may not be strong in the weight room, but don’t let that fool you, he has LJ over 25 feet and HJ around 7 feet, that takes tremendous strength.

Thursday June 29
Hurdle Mobility
10 Max MB throws
4x10 yds
Depth jumps 3x5@24" box
Ankle jumps 1x20sec., 2x10sec.
DB jumps 15 lbs. 3x5 (3 unloaded jumps between sets)
Deadlift 1x3@315, 1x2@415, 1x1@475,1x1@505

Played a few half court basketball games

Cold pool