Trying to go 49...

How does this set up for this week look …coming off an upsetting weekend where I thought i had two hours to warm-up based on the schedule, so i was relaxing, but then heard an announcement that there was check in and the race would go off in 10mins…trying to hit a 49 then use the remainder of the summer to improve speed reserves for next year (during the school year my coach doesn’t do any speedwork but i try to do an acc dev session when i can)

200=22.94-23.17 (only ran the race 2x i think i could go .3-.5 faster- which is my goal for summer)
300= (estimated) 36.0-36.5

Mon-special end (93-95% 1x200+neg split 200, 20mins rest, 1x300+150) 2mins rest between 2x2 and 30secs-1min for 300
tues- easy extensive tempo 65%
wed-acc dev+maxv 6x 30maccel+25m Fly 5-7mins rest
thursday- lower volume intensive tempo 75%
friday-accels 2x4x30m 3mins rest +maxv
Saturday- passive rest or light dynamic stretch

this is what the last 2 or so weeks looked like…
active rest recovery
32 min medium pace jog

2x4x20m straight(2 push up,2 down)/curve,
1x250 @90-93%/spikes, 24.5+29.9
2mins btw rep, 3 after 1st set then 7 before the 250 (b/c of people in the way)

6x150m, walk back 100m/2min recovery 78-82%/trainers
most were 21.x mid-22.x mid, pace was suppose to be 20.x


5x20m acc in+20m fly, down start @ 95%/spikes, full recovery 5-7mins
2x30m handoffs

3x500m @ 85%, trainers, 8 mins recovery

4x25 (2 push up, 2 down)
2x25 curve
1x25 curve
@ 95, 3-4mins btw rep, in spikes

4x30m (2 pushup, 2 downstart) @ 95% in spikes, 3-5mins btw reps/7 for set
3x30m on curve
1x120m in 13.5


3x30m 4x1 hand offs @ 90% in trainers w/ about 3 mins rest
2x200m @ 93% in spikes, 2 mins rest, 24.3, 25.5, 10 mins between sets
1x200,250 25.1,27+?

5x20m accel+20m fly @95%, spikes, 4-5 min rest

5x300m @ 70-75%, in trainers, 5mins between rep
2-3min barefoot 50m shuttle strides

Rained out

400m race pace

if there is any more information that you need ask away, i thank you all for your help

Try this thread…all about 400m. Including dialogue or a 44.X guy from past few years

i was just starting to read that thread after seeing it mentioned in multiple threads in this section. I will use it to help plan my upcoming season but i was just wondering if this particular setup that i posted above was ok and if anyone has a better suggestion for the week…i only plan on doing it for this week (maybe the next week if i don’t get 49) then i will switch to 100m/200m training. My reasoning for my setup is that seeing that during the school year there was alot of tempo 200m and up 600, 500, 450, 300 and very little speedwork i got good aerobic endurance and so forth. The last time that i did distances/volumes like that at a fast speed was about 5 weeks ago then about 2 weeks of championship meets. there was a dramatic drop in volume so i think some of the fitness maybe gone. (i’m figure this loss of fitness and poor warmup were why i ran about .8 slower than i was consistently running 5 weeks ago)
So the plan for this week is to have a hard lactate day to “revisit” endurance and specific endurance, the tempo days as recovery days going with the volume decreasing and speed increasing as the week goes on leading to the sunday meet.
thanks for the help so far.

if you need some shorter 400 info:

Maybe KK or PJ can comment, but it appears your workouts are lacking work needed to finish the last 100m strong. KK’s program had a bit of split runs aimed at improving the last 100.

thats the aim of the monday workout (adapted from kk), and the easier tempo days provide some more strength