Trying to get a good program to develop more power and explosiveness

Can anyone help me?I’m 5’11" and 160 squat 345 and bench 185

Can you be more specific with your goal (eg what sport, position, strength goals, etc)

What is your age?
How many bodyweight dips and chinups can you perform?

With a benchpress only 25lbs above your bodyweight I would advise you to make your priority the increase of relative strength.


i run track(100, 200, 400, lj, hj)

And i’m not sure of strength goals i just wanna be strong and i’m 16 i can do 20 dips and 14 chinups

and i just wanna run faster i’m working on technique but i cant run fast if i dont have the power

Considering your age, your relative strength in the chinups is good, your dips are a little under the mark (in my opinion) but that would explain your bench.

What are your times and jump distances/heights?

What does your current training program look like?

After assessing these variables, we may then begin to provide you with direction in constructing a specific program.


Lj-20 ft 7 inches

currently i just run hills and do 10x30 meter runs but i’m looking to get a more complete plan

buy charlie’s book…that i think would be the biggest help to you creating a good structured plan to help you improve as much as possible. Its principle are proven and sound and really the principle used by all the elite track athletes currently…

awww man do i really gotta buy a book just to get a workout plan?

Look at the thread below: 80 replies just to work out an offseason program of just tempo and weights. Sprint training has many more variables and is much more complicated so yes buy CFTS. I’m sure you can find some site with “The Ultimate 40 Program” or something like that but to really get the best results you have to set up a program tailored to yourself. Look at the training journals and threads on the site but you can’t get everything from them, I’d buy the book.

its not a workout. its an indepth series of guidlines on how every element effect training and your results as well as how to manipulate them to work best for you…

i cant afford it so i’ll just keep watching these loren seagrave tapes

It is true, that in order to develop sprinting speed, you will not find a better reference than Charlie’s materials.

However, some basic concepts of speed (as they occur in real time on the track ) are as follows:

Start=starting strength, explosive strength/RFD
Accleration strength
Your ability level will dictate the point in which you reach max speed
Speed endurance to the finish

So from a track work perspective you may observe that you must develop the following:
max speed
speed endurance
all the while focusing on an perfecting technique

From a weight room perspective you will be best served by developing the following strengths:
max strength
relative strength
targeted hypertrophy training if need be

The types of plyos and drills which you perform for your jump training will aid in developing your reactive strength along with the sprint training

Keep it simple in the weight room and stick primarily to compound lifts

Since you will be taxing your central nervous system (CNS) fairly heavily in the weight room you must balance this accordingly with the types of track work which are also taxing on the CNS (eg starts, max speed, plyos)

Try and arrange your training so that either all of your heavy CNS training is on the same day, or that you have adequate recovery time between heavy CNS training (eg NOT back to back days)

As has already been stated, perform some searches on this site as there is a multitude of information already presented.

Use the following terms to search
max speed
limit strength
speed endurance



if you arent going to drop the 20 to buy the e-book ,then i cant really put it much better than what james said, except i think one clarification is in order. Track work always takes precedence with a track athlete. And rotate high and low intensity, because you are either going fast or slow, there is no inbetween.

aren’t isnt the word can’t is a better description

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I don’t think it was meant to be a grammatical correction: neither are wrong gramatically. I think he was saying that it is not a matter of just not doing it is more a matter of not being able to (although I have to say I find that a bit hard to believe).

He just meant he doesn’t have the scratch (after buying the Seagrave tapes!)
There’s a lot of info on here to review for now

  • and when he’s got a few bucks…

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