trouble play GPP

anyone having trouble playing this video? i have a mac with the latest version of flipmac on it. every video plays fine, but the gpp. anyone have advice on this issue? thanks…dave

DVD or download? I have the DVD and it won’t play on my DVD player but will on laptop. From memory need to click on the GPP icon as it won’t auto start.

i have download. i have tried the icon and at times get sound (the intro music), but no picture. i thought maybe i didnt have updated conversion software, but even after updating, i still had same problem. i then tried on another computer and same thing. im stumped. thanks for helping

Try right clicking the icon and opening with a different player. If you don’t have any others you might need to download another player off of the net.

That might not do it but I can recall having a similar issue. After having the download and being able to play it for some time there came a point when I could not play them anymore and I can recall doing something similar to what I described above.

What I might have done-after looking around a bit on my comp.-is to use the extract files function to un or decompress if it is a zip file. I don’t have a mac but maybe it will work for you anyway.

thanks pioneer, i will try that and see. thanks for your help…dave

well, ive tried everything. i get sound, but never a picture. thanks for those who helped. i will just have to listen to it for the time being. i wonder if the DVD works better…

Does VLC Media work on a Mac?

rainy, im not familiar with VLC, but i’ll try it, thanks

VLC works on mac, faster and better than quicktime, but unfortunately not GPP. i think i may have gotten a dud download

Plain and simple the format wmv3 or whatever it is just doesn’t play on Mac’s. Kinda annoying, that’s for sure.