Trouble Falling Asleep

Trouble falling asleep.I usually I have trouble falling asleep but recently for some reason it is even worse. I can end up laying in bed for over 2 hourse.On the weekends I’m fine cause I go to bed when I’m tired and I don’t have to get up in the morning. If their is any tips to help me fallasleep that would be much appreciated.

I usually go to bed from 10:00-10:30 PM and wake up at 7:00 AM. How detrimental is it on weekends to go to sleep at around 12:00 if I still manage to get nine or ten hours of sleep. I know it is recommended against doing this, but I have to sometimes.

Cut caffeine; ZMA; Melatonin; Read; Train earlier…

Without knowing your training schedule or your regular day and the standard reccomendations are - no caffiene or stimulants in the evening i.e. after 5.30 and zma should help. A warm bath just before bed always helps me if I need to get sleep.

Excessive stress and over work also contribute in a mjor way to inability to get to sleep by playing on the mind and keeping the grey cells ticking over.
You should also build in a 30 mins wind-down period just before you get into bed to do a relaxing activity such as reading light material (i.e. NOT Hawkins Brief history of time etc.) listening to light music.

Sleeping tablets or medication are not an option - they will (first hand experience) only leave you groggy and feeling as though you haven’t gotten a good nights sleep …

Believe it or not being in love can also keep you awake …

Three words: Hillary Clinton Speeches…listen to 'em…they’ll knock you out. Seriously though, a good stretch of the hams, glutes, lower back, & obliques always relaxes me to the point that falling asleep is very easy and it is followed by a deep sleep.

Too much info Zoom !!!

:clap:Thanks guys for the help, I should be sleeping well with all the info:cool:


don’t forget the love of a good women can also aid sleep!

Alan Greenspan speeches. Even better.

True gf, - but bear in mind some females inflict more stress than they release … :smiley:

Make sure you’re not in an overtrained state. If you are, you need to lower the intensity of training for ten days. To check- do you have flickering eyelids, trouble concentrating, a performance drop in training?

Well thanks everybody for the help. Clemson I’ll give some info on myslelf to help. I am a college student who is not currently on a track team but is training. I don’t think I’m overtrained because I don’t train enough and I feel great I jsut have trouble falling asleep at night. I don’t really do tempo because of the weather but I’m starting today because the weather has finally warmed up. I do speed work like twice a week. I also do brazillian Ju-Jitsu 2-3 times a week. My biggest problem with training is consitency but I’m becoming more consitent every week. I try to eat healthy and eat fairly well. In the morning I am usually very tired but as the day gets later and later I get more and more energy. I usually go to bed about 3-4 am but even when going to bed that late I might not fall asleep until around 5-6ish. This is a problem seeing I have class at 10:00 on monday wensday and friday in the morning,and class at 11:00 on tuesday, thursday. I usually take a nap after my morning class of about 2-3 hours. I notice that I feel like I don’t get enough done during the day and still will have lots of energy at night.Also the internet and my computer can be a problem at night. I don’t take any supplements. Charlie I don’t think I’m overtrained recently my performance has been better and my concentration has been better I’m doing speedwork more consistnetly, I can be really reved up at night thats my main problem. Also if it helps I am a disorganized person.

cut out your naps… at first you may be tired but you body will have to get accustomed to it. i have the same problem… all if im on the computer sometimes for hourse b4 i go to bed i have numbers flying through my head and cant stop thinking about things and just relax… yea but bottom line is you should really cut out the naps.

i’m having trouble falling asleep at the moment myself.

im definately gonna put zma on my shopping list.:slight_smile:

Go to bed with almost empty stomach (i.e 3 hours after dinner) and take ZMA. This helps everybody.