OK .i am designing a program and i am havin a big problem. if i want to design a 3 peak plan tell me if this is the way to go…

SEPT-OCT - general prep phase (8 weeks)
3-1-3-1 cycle.

NOV.- precomp (4 weeks) 3-1 cycle

DEC.-MARCH - indoor competition phase (14 MEETS) MARCH 28TH NCAA’S

APRIL-MAY-Outdoor season NCAA’S MAY 28TH
THIS is where i am having the most trouble our first outdoor meet is the begining of april so what do i do? continue what i was doing for 8 meets in the spring? then how about in the summer? what do i do in june if i want another series of 5 meets in july? how do i go about doing this? and in august should i totally rest before starting training again in sept? is this too long and will my body break down?
I have been going thru CFTS lookin for answers but i am stumped can someone please help me out…

also one more question… during an unloading week is it still ok to compete? i know since i am a collegiate athlete i have to compete im just wondering for the future if during an onloading week its wise not to compete…:help:

Clemson… i want to peak for Indoor NCAA’S, Outdoor NCAA’S, and Empire State Games July 28

this is why i am having truouble with my plan…

even if i wanted to just peak twice and then hold the peak for 4 weeks and run a series of meets in the summer how would i go about doing this ?

There is a difference between peaking and periodization. One involves a short term taper and the other involves the structure of the training periods. There isn’t time for a third training block in the season you describe.

charlie, so do you think it would be wise to just end my season after outdoor NCAA’S? also in that time period what would i do untill i start training again and when would be a good time to start again?

i am trying to make up a plan based on my schedule for next year and i am using CFTS but i am still having some trouble.