Triple Jump Training

Hey everyone,

I have been triple jumping for about a year now - on and off and i recently wanted to start doing it very seriously and maybe even go pretty far with it. I live in scotland and there are only 3 coaches here that can coach triple jump. I have contacted 2 of them and they are both too busy and I am still waiting for a reply from the third one - but it doesnt look good as he lives very far from me.

I have no clue how to train for triple jump and i have some idea of how to train for acceleration, this is what my plan currently looks like…

Monday - Strength Work + Abs
Tuesday - Jumping/Bounding + Olympic Lifts
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Accelertion/Bounding + (Olympic Lifts (optional)
Friday - Strength Work + Abs
Saturday - Max Velocity/Bounding + (Olympic Lifts (optional)
Sunday - Off

I have no set workouts…

For strength i usually do 2 - 4 sets per exercise and 1 - 4 Reps
Exercises usually include - Squats, Bench Press, Military Press, Deadlifts, Wide Grip Pull Ups, Seated Rows, Low Rows, Chest press, Hamstring Curls, Glute Ham Raises… I switch up these exercises alot but i always keep a squatting and pressing movement in there - that is what i do on mondays followed by an abdominal workout

Jumping/Bounding - I usually break up parts of the triple jump and practice spproach, hops, steps and jumps individually, sometimes i will add in some maximum effort jumps and some short approach triple jumps. And i also do alot of bounding and standing long jumps on these days.

Olympic Lifts - For this i usually do Snatch (I use this for all of my Oly Lift Workouts) other exercises include, Push Press, Cleans, Clean and Jerk, I usually pick 3 of them and do them for sets of 3 - 4 for reps of 3 - 5.

Acceleration - I would usually do something like stading 10s, 20s, 30s and 40s for 3 - 1 Sets of each (set ratio 10metres:40metres). After i have done this i will add in some flying 10s and 20s with about 20 - 30metres approach.

Max Velocity - I am thinking of getting rid of this - can anyone help me on what i should do ?

I was also thinking of taking up Long Jump - I did it for the first time yesterday and got 5.80metres - i thought that was okay since i have never done it before in my life (except maybe once when i was in the under 15 age group). I am thinking that if i get the correct technique down then i maybe quite successful in that too.

My PBs are as follows -

100metres - 11.9seconds
Triple Jump - 12.49metres
Long Jump - 5.80metres

  • I am 15 years old

Could anyone help me out on what should be doing and how i should allocate my workouts to days of the week. Oh by the way i am not doing any plyos right now because i have an ankle injury that it aggrivates. So if someone could help me out with that i would be very grateful. I was doing alot of box jumps, jump squats and vertical jups etc etc for plyos - but i dont know what days to put them on now that i have created the worklout shown above.

Thank you in advance for your help


Keep it simple GDS10 and get that ankle in shape before you start training.

A few ideas: if I understand correctly, you currently have 5 high intensity days a week. So first we need to cut that down to 3 to avoid overtraining and injuries. Sample weekly schedule:

Monday: tempo + abs
Tuesday: triple jump session (short approach) + olys
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: accel + pyos + olys
Friday: abs + low intensity medicine ball work
Saturday: speed (up to 60m) + bounding + olys
Sunday: rest

You also want to limit your lifting volumes, so probably doing only olympic lifts (alternating clean and snatch every workout) 3-5 sets of (1-)3 reps and in addition some auxillary lifts (bench, hypers, pull ups, seated rows, etc.) 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps. Don’t use too much weight until you master the correct lifting technique (you should really have someone teach you the correct technique to avoid injuries). Also keep the ground contacts low enough for bounding and plyos. When doing endurance bounding probably way under 200, for plyos like box jumps, hurdle jumps under 50 or so and for triple jump session you may do anywhere between 20-40 contacts depending on intensity (length of approach).

Good luck!