triple extension

what is exactly the triple extension? how do you know that your are actually doing it?

here’s a photo of TE, kind of hard to see the full effect from front though

this is a good 1

pardon my ignorance but do you mean the sprinter in the right or in the left? its a coincidence since in both pictures the sprinters are in equal position.
Nevertheless great pictures!

In the above shot, left sprinter, his left leg.


The higher the hips, the closer to BDC complete extension occurs.

how do we get triple extention out the back if we are trying to avoid backside mechanics?

Sprinter984, your not supposed to prevent backside mechanics as it disrupts the angular velocity of the swing leg. Those who think backside mechanics should be avoided fail to understand the cyclic action of the swing leg in reducing moment of inertia.

how do we get triple extention out the back if we are trying to avoid backside mechanics?

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Bottom Dead Center I think it is

Sort of a car term

I ‘ripped off’ the term “BDC” from the auto industry description of crankshaft rotation, as it seemed to explain the cyclic nature of the stride. In the sprint, BDC would occur when the leg is in its most extended position, directly under the hips.

I use a similar term ‘TDC’ where the hips are directly over the foot. Here is where I base the timing of the stroke and is a point of demarcation that I use to seperate each cycle. It makes it easier to see when the stroke is off.

Just conjecture on my part. Maybe it is natural?

Quite a few athletes do run like this and they are always the less “springy” sprinters.

I wonder if it is a lower leg weakness, a neural issue, an injury motor legacy or something else. Maybe even a muscle fibre type issue?

I know some coaches go crazy on coaching this though even to the point of wearing things on the shoes to make their athletes run like this.

I’ve never heard of any coaches trying to de-coach (is there such a word?) it. I don’t think you could really de-coach it via technique, probably only via remedial means if it is a weakness.

Interesting area of discussion though!

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Could someone explain what Dwain’s right foot is doing?

Dwain is an extreme dorsiflexor. My guess is that he was overcoached in this area early on, he seems to be getting better in the last year or so though.

I have thought about this quite a bit and am convinced that overcoaching dorsiflexion on foot strike actually does the opposite of its intention. I believe that instead of pre-tensioning to get better elastic response, it dampens/absorbs the response and causes tension in the athlete as a whole.

Anyway, have a look Tim’s foot position in pink and Dwain’s in green.

I’m an extreme dorsiflexor then after looking at that picture. I’ve been doing that ever since I started running. No one ever taught it to me. I’ve noticed it and tried to fix it, but I have no idea how. Anyone have any tips about that?

I would doubt Dwain was coached that at an early age. He didn’t particularly enjoy athletics as a youngster, or take it that seriously. He said he ‘hated’ training! Also, the guy that coached him at a young age. I can’t think of his name, but I’ll found out, wasn’t particularly technical I don’t think, and I would be surprised if he got Dwain to focus on that judging by how the British coaches tend to operate, and what they get their athletes to focus on.

However, I could be wrong. I’ll get the name of his old coach though.

Incidently, I have noticed that Tim Montgomery has been used as an example for triple extension. I can’t think of a worse example. Sorry, I really don’t mean to come across as rude. He, like Frankie does what Linford refers to as ‘coming early’!!! Basically, triple extension isn’t achieved. It’s most noticable at the knee. Montgomery doesn’t need to rely so much on triple extension cos his cadence is unbelievably fast. That’s just my theory. Don’t know if it holds any water.

Look at the pictures of Tim. Is he extended or not? Remember, the faster you’re going, the higher the hips (or vice-versa if you prefer). The higher the hips, the sooner you leave the ground once you pass BDC, as mentionned before. So additional power will effect both ext and frequency.

In the very top picture, I don’t think he is. The 2nd picture is a little more difficult to tell from, but the angle makes it difficult to tell if he’s fully extended. The 3rd set of pics, the quality isn’t good enough to tell I don’t think, but it doesn’t look like he is. I watched the video clip of Tim’s WR, and the side on replay doesn’t look like he’s utilising triple extension fully. Are you saying that he is Charlie? I know you have done a bit of work with Tim, is it something you have worked on?

Doesn’t look extended? I don’t know how he could possibly extend anymore!