Trap Bar Deadlifts Vs Squats

Can I use trap bar DL instead of squats for GPP?

Does the trap bar DL have the same effect on body development as the squat?

Im asking b/c my gym only has a smith machine (which I hate) and I have a trap bar at home w/350lbs of wieghts.

They’re better than the Smith squats (what aren’t) but I might add an additional exercise or two for the glutes/hams such as step ups, RDLs, stiff leg deadlifts or kneeling GHRs, all of which you can also do at home.

Thanks for the response. I also have a great GHR that I bought for 200 bucks but its great. I also do single leg squats. They make my glutes sore for days :slight_smile:

I guess the menu for GPP lower body will be:

Trap bar DL
Hyper Complex
Single leg squats
and maybe some hamstrings on the physio ball


Without a squat rack? Maybe it’s time to find a new gym! :slight_smile:

I really like the Trap-bar Deadlift. However, depending on your limb length ratios, you may not get as low with it as with regular squatting. I will often do trap-DLs while standing on a short step to make sure I get enough depth.

do you use dl only during your gpp or spp?

Youre right but it’s $10/a month and it’s 24/7 and its a nice gym. I had a squat rack but i had to get rid of it…

Yeah Im only 5’9" so I have to get a small platform to get deep. I notice that the wieght I can pull is the same it just feels much more taxing. Like my heart rate gets up…

Maybe. I just hope I dont screw myself. But who knows… I did squats all fall and only saw a .15 drop in my 60 indoors. So maybe a change wont hurt LOL

why not use squats m/f and dl on wed to get best of both worlds.

Maybe? or maybe a change will require for you to adapt to the new skill, using energy that would have been otherwise useful for you in developing more speed on the track?

If your squats are or have been going well for the last year, then perhaps keep them, find a way to keep them.

If squats are fine - but speed is lacking?? Do you change weights or other areas?

if it aint broke, dont fix it. If it is, then by all means fix

Just do them both as mentioned lol.
Are your squats heavy enough, and also being done deep?

Love the trap bar deadlift it is a great exercise. Do a few more assistance exercises for the HS as well though.

I perfer str bar over trap bar.

TBD i find is a good alternative for back squat still maintaining a large degree of quad dominance, but if i was to look at other alternatives i often prescribe Barbell snatch grip podium deadlift as creates greatest muscular load overall.

why would you want anything to be quad dominant?