Transition to top speed and leg turnover.

My athletes are going well, but I have one problem; one in particular seem to lack the turnover ( I’d describe as “quick feet on the ground”) he got at the end of indoor season.
Acceleration is greatly improved, and, after 8 races in a month, we now have 20 day to work bit on that.
Unloading of elements is one way, but seems not to payoff.
Always a feeling of overstriding in the 60-80m session.
In doing flying 20 everything seems ok, maybe just need more?
I feel maybe some more reps of 80 sub max could help, concentrating on turnover and not lifting the knee too high?
Strength manteinance plus some Hurdle hops to mantain strength, and easy tempo complement the period.
Also, sometimes I feel he spends too much time " pushing " on acceleration…, maybe should come rerect earlier, but just a feeling.
Any suggestion is welcomed.

Have his times been affected? If not maybe the problem is just perceptual.

Well, I feel he can get something better…he feels the same…being quite expert i can trust his feeling also.

I’m not a fan of altering mechanics to emphasize any certain component at the cost of another, or forcing an erect posture earlier than is natural to the athlete. It sounds like his ground contact times are too long for this portion of the race (like you said too long pushing). A cue I use is to focus on “striking” rather than pushing the ground. By being forceful and striking through the ground, he can continue to have good stride length while meeting the ground “stiffer” and improving his turnover via shortened gcts, as long as he is powerful enough (weightroom/plyos) and mobile/flexible enough to handle the new rate. I trust your expertise, but you did ask for input. And trust me, despite being new to the board I’m qualified in my own right, didn’t mean to offend you, just alot of times what looks slow to the eye mechanically can be quite fast.

Thanks, no problem listening.
Same solution for me, everything looks fine, on video last race was a bit choppy and short striding, but 2,3m headwind!
Will wait for taper to operate…also striking cues, the same I use.