Transition from Hills to track re GPP DVD.

I am in the process of re starting my track season after a grade 2 calf tear, and I have begun my accel GPP phase with some hills (10 x 10m, 10 x 20m, 10 x 30m). I am unsure when to transfer from the hill to the track, ie. how many weeks into GPP?

Anyone? All advice would be greatly appreciated.

How many u done so far where r u as far as rehab goes?

I’ve had the same thing and have been very careful about any track work I do. Since my last minor calf pull I’ve taken no chances and my rehab went as follows.

All weeks had between 2-3 running sessions with gym - x-trainer or bike for tempo to give max chance for recovery
week 1 - Off
week 2 - Jog/Skip/Drills ( grass/CC 15 mins )
week 3 - Jog/Skip/Slow Hills/Drills ( grass/CC 15 mins )
week 4 - Jog/Skip/Slow Hills/Drills + Tempo 60% 100 x 4 (grass/CC 15 mins )
week 5 - Jog/Skip/Slow Hills/Drills + Tempo 75% 100 x 8 (4 grass/4 track/CC 15 mins)

Then - 1st session of grass hill acc
warm up including 2 x 100m grass 2 x 100 In’s n out’s 80% 2 x 60 F20’s 85%
3 x 30 hill acc 85-90%
3 x 20m acc track 85-90%

other 2 sessions hills or track tempo - still monitoring reaction to track sessions and using grass whenever possible - I’d get in the pool too if I could - this for another 5 weeks ( My GPP )

I haven’t had a recurrence and things have gradually got back to normal - I’m still in supercushion stability shoes and won’t being going to flats for another 2 weeks yet - hopefully I’ve seen the back of calf strains - 3 this year - 1 bad 2 minor - same leg alignment issues.

My calves are really lose now - drop heels every session - resisted the urge to do calf raises.

So for me - the eventual long winded answer to ur question :smiley: - was 5 weeks from injury - and the same session as the 1st hill acc - I took it easy and felt fairly confident it was ok - and the first 5m were very careful.

Dunno if this was any help - everyones different - and I was being very cautious - good luck mate.


Cheers mate, thanks for your feedback.
I’m basically up to week 10 since my injury, so, well advanced as far as time line goes, however, as it was such a bad injury (initially on crutches), I’ve been in a long rehab phase, with lots of bike and pool (see my training log). 1st speed week this week, re my 1st post on this thread, and have so far progressed well. I’m planning to follow the GPP hill prog from the DVD (wk 1:- 10 x 10, 10 x 20, 10 x 30, walk back recov). I’ve completed 2 sessions so far this week, and although a bit stiff and sore (no doubt due to not sprinting for 9 weeks), I’ve seemed to pull up pretty well. I’ll continue with this prog, just unsure re. the DVD, what week to transfer from hills to the track?

I’m going to be starting hills for the first time this week, what would be a good rep scheme and what distance? Think 10x20m is a good idea? How should I progress on hills over the course of lets say 4-6 weeks…with the 4th week being decreased volume for deload purposes?

I’m only doing hills once a week by the way.

Gladto hear all has gone well so far. One option that hasn’t been discussed in this context is stair runs. This might be a little easier with a calf re-hab situation, as there isn’t as much stretch on the calf/achilles. If you have the right spacing, it might be an option. Whatever you decide, the volumes must be kept low with lots of therapy (especially manual type therapy). Keep the tempo sessions in the pool for some time and when it’s time to introduce sprints on the flat, consider starting out on smooth grass. If you can find a very smooth and flat strip, you should have no problem using spike- as long as you remain very relaxed.
You have some options for the conversion. Some examples:
1: Switching the hill sessions over to speed one session at a time over a few weeks ie 2 hills, 1 speed, then 1 hills, 2 speed, then 3 speed
2: Switch all the hill sessions gradually to lower and lower angles till all the speed is on flat grass
3: A combination

Every time I see a DVD thread it only reminds me …

I’d love to get my hands on the DVD - and even more so since I paid for it 5 months ago!!

Charlie - any chance you could see what has happened my DVD please?

Ordered and Paid for on 2nd of June !!!

Please contact Rupert at to see what’s going on.

I have.

Every 3-4 weeks I drop a line an email or pm.

Hi Fergus

Your original order was shipped with Canada Post (our old provider), I have opened a trace up with them to find your delivery.

Our apologies regarding your wait. Sadly, due to the fraudulant behaviour of some people who have shopped with us in the past we have been forced to manually verfiy shipment of merchandise which means considerable wait times (up to 6 weeks) in order to work through the process of validating claims. (Sorry of this sounds harsh, but its our policy).

As a note to all customers: We are working on retiring our paypal system because it is simply useless. We have chosen a more robust payment processor that will ensure realtime clearance of your order which I’m sure is welcomed.

On that note, No23, please check your hotmail account sometime today for your updated shipment confirmation (online tracking #) for your product replacement.

Please be advised that FEDEX is our new courier for all our international shipments. CanPost may on occassion handle some of our Canadian orders.

Beyond that, we look forward to serving you better each day.


i understand the process described above is time-consuming and not the best thing in the world for you, but since i’ve sent about 4 e-mails re the video tapes, could you please let me know if the delay in your response is because of all the above? if that’s the case, no problem and i can wait; otherwise, please, let me know how i can order them.
I live in the UK and the message i’ve got every time relates to the shipping rate that can’t be calculated…
Thanks for your time!

PS i’ve bought from the site before, so all my info should be in

Please try and make and make it one that’s compatable with countries outside the US - It must be good business sense - and I may have some money after Christmas :smiley: - Shame Paypal have gone down the pan - they were reliable once upon a time - like when I got the e-books & 1st videos.


I have same problem as Nikolouski, the shipping rate can’t be calculated. I’ve been trying to order the GPP-DVD since early summer and I’ve been trying to contact customer-info and customer service forum many times so sorting out this foreign shipping rate-thing would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Thank you Rupert for the response.

I am eagerly awaiting the DVD and hope the new system will be in place shortly for the SPP DVD!!!

Thank you once more for your time.

Hi All

We are working with FedEX to get their realtime shipping calculator setup at the store. This will solve the “unable to calculate shipping rate” issue that some of us have experienced.

Note that this goes hand in hand with paypal and as some of us know paypal doesn’t support all countries world wide, something we are in the process of fixing.