Training to Enter the Next Level.

7 weeks, week 4(final week of 1st Mesocycle)

Warmup (Jog, leg swings, sprint drills, buildups)

Ladders: 4 x (20, 30, 40yds)
Box Jumps: 4 x 5, 24-36" box
Med Ball Throws (Bomb): 5x

Jump Squats: 5 x 3, 30lb DBs
Split Squats(not bulgarians): 40s x 5, 50s x 5, 60s x 5, 75s x 8
Hyperextentions: 2 x 8, 35lb plate
Bench: 135 x 5, 155 x 8, 185 x 3, 205 x 3, 230 x 3
Pullups: 25lbs, 5 x 3

Good workout today. I’m going to try to static stretch more in my free time, I’m still feeling tight after that massage session.

GS Warmup

Bataan x 15
Pedestal x 10
Pillar x 10

DB Circuit: 3 x 10
Shoulder Press
Hammer Curl
Skull Crusher
Russian Twist
Lateral Raise
Incline DB Curl
Saxon Side Bend

I’m up to a solid 174 now I would say. I was 167 3 weeks ago. I feel like I’m just about as big as I was last summer but with better shoulder and posterior chain development.

Warmup (Jog, leg swings, sprint drills, buildups)

6 x Flying 20yds (E-F-E), 2min rest
MB Throws (Shell)

DB Complex: 4 x 8, 25lb DBs, no rest imbetween exercises
A) Split Jumps
B) Step-ups
C) Lunge Good-Mornings

I’m thinking I may get another massage session on Saturday. I still feel a little tight doing the sprints.

Warmup (Jog, leg swings, sprint drills, buildups)

Ladders: 3 x (10, 20, 30yds)

Bench: 135 x 5, 155, 185 x 3, 205 x 3, 225 x 3
Pullups: 3 x 5, 25lbs
Incline DB Press: 2 x 15
T-Bar Rows: 3 x 6

My lower back was feeling very locked up today. I had to do a photoshoot that required me to be in some bad posture on Wednesday. Was still able to do speed work but I didn’t want to push it through jumps and lowerbody stuff. I’m going to continue stretching my hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae, and abs and hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Warmup (Jog, hip mobility drills, sprint drills, buildups)

Ladders: 4 x (10, 15, 20yds) 2.5min rest
MJ (Rudiment): 1 x 20yds
MT (Bomb): 5x

High box Stepups: 30s x 4, 50s x 4, 65s x 4

Ended early because my back was starting to stiffen up again. I took a muscle relaxer last night and woke up this morning feeling more mobile. Then I started feeling the stiffness during the med ball throws. Good thing this is happening during a deload week, and hopefully I can get some body work to find whats causing the stiffness.

I’m gonna follow your training from now on because yours is football speed oriented. Since track is over, I’m going to do a similar football speed-strength and conditioning template as yours using the WS4SB I’m using right now.

Thats cool man, the stuff I’ve been doing has been great. Just be sure to do 2 acceleration days, 1 max V day, and 1 SE day every week.

I didn’t train at all this week because my back has been real stiff. I got some body work done in Austin today and found out that my back stiffness is all muscle related. He said that I had the tightest erector spinae he’s ever dealt with! He had to use his elbow to release most of the fascia. The good news is that none of this stiffness is spine related, and that the main cause of this is over emphasizing too much spinal extention. He also said that all the single leg stuff I’ve been doing probably contributed to the tightness. Everything else was great, I had good hip flexibility and mobility, and he loosened up some tight areas that I’ve had.

Starting Monday, I’m going to continue everything like I’ve been doing as far as speed work. Then I will start easing back into back squatting and Hang Cleans! I’m going to start extremely light, like with 95lbs, and work my way up to some moderately challenging weight. Its going to be perfectly safe, as long as I ease back into it.

What would consider SE for football?? Because I’d feel lazy to do to reps of 150s or 200s and such. lol not that I would mind but I don’t think that much overdistance training is required in ball.

I would rather do reps of 50-120m. Its mainly for alactic development.

Phase 2, week 1. 5 weeks left

Warmup (Jog, hip mobility drills, sprint drills, buildups)

Ladders: 4 x (20, 30, 40yds) 4min rest
MJ (Rudiment): 1 x 20yds

This was all today. The gym that I workout at was closed because of Memorial Day. I also got toasted out there today, it was hot!

GS Warmup

Bataan: x 15
MJ (Superior): 2 x 20yds
Pedestal: x 10

DB Circuit: 3 x 10
DB Shoulder Press
Hammer Curl
Skull Crusher
25 crunches
Lateral Raises
Incline DB Curl
Tricep Kickback
Saxon Side Bend

8 x Diagnol runs on the football field

I haven’t posted in this journal in a while because I’ve been dealing with some severe neck muscle spasms. After last tueday’s workout, when I got out of the car I could barely move my neck! I went to the doctor and he gave me a muscle relaxer (Skelaxin), Anti-inflammatory (Medrol Steroid packet), and a pain killer (Tramadol). Its been 5 days and I’ve seen only minimal improvement.

I don’t know what the actual cause of this was. I can’t stress about it though even though I graduate Saturday and the days are counting down before I report for summer workouts. I can tell I’ve also lost some hypertrophy with my diet being very inconsistent; which is hard to do when your on drugs for pain.

I’ve got some problems… They are “unsports” related problems though. I’ve just gotten over my extreme neck muscle spasms and horrific migraines. But now I’ve got another problem… I have “Double Vision” or also known as Diplopia. I’m seeing two of the same object when I have both eyes open. I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow, and hopefully its nothing serious. I probably wont’t workout until my problems are solved.

Good thing is that I’m finally out of HS! It’s been a rough 4 years for me, but the best is yet to come! I’m starting summer school in a month, and hopefully I’m completely healthy and have some training time before I walk-on for the team.

I have an update on my health. My double vision is sinus related, seeing another doctor today, 3rd doctor I’m seeing the past 3 days! These sinuses could have also been the reason why my neck flared up. I just pray that everything gets better.

Well, if all your doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with you, I suggest you apply to be a patient on “House.” That guy can figure out anything!

Just kidding, I wish you the best and a complete cure/recovery, hopefully in time for football.

Haha. Thank you Vedette

I hope so too, the doctor said that its just inflammation behind the eye. It should get better within the next day or two. This problem is happening at the wrong time, and all I can do is pray and take my Prednisone…

An update on things…

I’ve noticed some improvement in my double vision. The opthamologist says that it should go away within the next two weeks. My plans have changed though. I will not be doing summer workouts with the team. Instead I will have my walkon tryout on the first day of school which is on August 24th. I think that it is better if I do this so I can catch up on my training and have more time to prepare myself.

I have freshman orientation tomorrow so I am hoping to meet some coaches to let them know that I’m interested in walking on.

9 weeks until walk-on tryout, Phase 1

Warmup (Jog, hip mobility drills, sprint drills, buildups)

Ladders: 3 x (10yds, 20yds, 30yds) 3min rest
MJ (Rudiment): 1 x 20yds

Hang Cleans: 8 x 3, worked up to 135lbs
Back Squats: 3 x 10, worked up to 135lbs
Bench: 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 185 x 3, 205 x 3, 225 x 2
Wide-Grip Pullups: 3 x 5

I did the squats high-bar olympic style, I feel that they may be safer for me. My health still isn’t the greatest right now though. I had a horrible headache after the workout yesterday. I also feel some head pressure when I sprint and lift heavy. It may be caused by my wisdom teeth which I will have them removed in 2 weeks.

General Warmup

General Strength:
Bataan: x 15
Pedestal: x 10
Pillar: x 10

MJ (Superior): 2 x 20yds

Low intense Swimming afterwards

Good session today. I’m still easing my way back into it after a 4 week health frenzy! My eye is still improving slowly, hopefully I can bump up the intensity level pretty quick.

Warmup (Jog, hip mobility drills, sprint drills, buildups

4 x Flying 20yds, 2-4min recovery
MT (Bomb): 3x

Jump Squats: 5 x 5, 35lb DBs
Incline: 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 185 x 3
Bulgarian Split Squats: 35’s x 5, 45s x 5, 60s x 5
GHR: 3 x 10
Russian Twist: 4 x 10

It was scorching outside today, like 110 degrees! I’m feeling just a little sore now. But good news is that my double vision is about 90% better than it was.