Training to Enter the Next Level.

Here is my Original Journal. My account was messed up so I created another one.

Here are my Current Stats(Short Term Goals)
40yds-Sub 4.8(4.65)

My primary Sport is Football, and I play WR/LB.

Bench:115x8, 135x6, 155x6, 190x6
Squat:185x8, 205x6, 255x6, 275x6
Powerclean:95x6, 115x6, 135x6

After School~2hrs later
Complexes:5x5hang cleans, 5push presses, 5stepups, 5Sldl
Plate Raises:5x5
Behind Neck Press:4x8
Straght Bar Curl:3x8
Upright Rows:3x8
DB curls:3x8


Yeah I know this workout is high volume but it is all mandatory. I cant get away with it. I probably wont be able to have any speed work at the end of this week either, because we are running on friday. This is Monday’s Workout.

why u not doing track?

Well, If I do track then I think I will just tax the CNS even more. Here is a sample track workout for all distances at my school. 1x300, 1x200, 1x100, 1x200, 1x300, all with walkback recovery. These track workouts are done on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 6:00am. Running hard 3 days in a row makes me sick(not really). Then with that the Mandatory football workouts which is a bunch of agility drills with 20sec rest imbetween. At my school, If you dont die during the workout you dont do any good. It sux.

sounds like most hs program, most top fb players do both it would only help you. its all in u r head, u can handle that load ur young. dont limit urself to one sport.

i was your size at 16 (155) and i did this for my bench

135x8 warm up

it worked great and got my bench to 250 junior year.

but you are looking good. you should try to put some weight on and play RB.

i played WR in highschool and i hated it because our QB sucked and couldnt get me the ball. If i could do it over i woulda played QB and just ran away from everyone.

but keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress.

when i was in hs we did weights tue/thur and speed, plyos, agility, mat drills mwf. then track practice and extra weights after school.

Thanks for the encouragement. Really the reason why I am not running is because of the coach. I showed up for every workout, and he would only let me run the 400m. Which I sucked at, and half the other got to run because of their last names.

I might want to since that is all we do. We have some pretty good RB’s at our school so that is why I play WR. I really need to work on my hands though. I also trying to put weight on but having a very hard time. Havent gained any weight since the summer.

shit run the 400m i know many great fb guys who did the 400m aka vince young and william green. my point is do many sports its only going to make u a better athlete and college coaches like that.

I have to agree with you. I am still growing so nothing can harm me, and Im going to need to impress college coaches as much as I can to get to the next level.

But Id rather do my own speed training. Id rather get faster the real way than dying to get it.

i played college football for a while and you wanna know why?

because track got me faster.

the only reason i ran track was to stay in shape and get a little faster for football.

turns out the speed i gained on the track helped me in football. i only played DII football here in the states but had a couple offers from some smaller DI schools. i went to the DII school because if it wasnt for them recruiting me the year before ida never graduated HS.

but you should definitely run track. i didnt even run the 100 or the 200 in track and i got faster. lol i was a High Jumper and then a hurdler in HS.

But I still feel that Speed and Tempo sessions are the way to go. Football is my sport so why should I run anything over 40yds, when that is the #1 test I face during the off-season.

itll get you stronger overall.

you dont wanna be good for only 40yards. you wanna have a speed and endurance to be fast all game.

if you focus on just 40 yard sprints. sure youll be good at them but your body wont know what it feels like to return a kick off for 80 yards at full speed.

and then all of a sudden you do it in a game and the next series your still huffing and puffing.

you want to be fast all game every game. not just on test dates.

Thats when I go to my trainer Odell James in the summer. He got me in pretty good shape this football season. I need a trainer because, there is no way I can get myself into gameshape on my own. He also helps me improve my game mentally, and preaches to me.

its always better to train with other athletes esp at ur age, enjoy yourself.

i agree 100%, if you go to any college campus you wont be during speed tempo.

thats why i said earlier train/run track with the other athletes. i saw the stuff odell had u during and it wasnt speed tempo, it was ur normal fb stuff.

Ya, I meant that I use Odell’s training to get in shape for football. I dont use speed or tempo with his workouts. Just when I get a chance off is when I do speed work and tempo. And I wanted to use it more often but It would be too taxing on the CNS with the School’s workout schedule.