Training to Enter the Next Level.

Here is this week’s split at my school.

Back Squat:5x
Bench: 5x
Power Cleans: 5x

After school~2hrs later
db curls: 5x8
Upright rows: 5x8
Complexes(5 Hang cleans, 5 push presses, 5 stepups, 5 SLDLS): 5x5
Military Press:5x8
Close grip Bench:5x8

Tuesday: Agility Drills

10 minutes per station.
Station 1:
Matt drills( Flips, rolls, agility, etc. done on a 15yd course) Done with 20-30sec rest imbetween each drill.
Bungee cord overspeed sprints:
10 sprints~30sec recovery
10 Free sprints.~30sec recovery

Box Squat(2-3"above Parallel):5x
Incline Bench:5x

After school:
Ab work on Balance ball
Complexes: 5x5
Front squats:5x10
Calf Raises:5x10
Overhead Squats: 5x10
Bugarians: 5x10

Same as monday

Same as Tuesday

Rep ranges of the Heavy Lifting days start at 10 reps at the beginning of the 6 weeks and go down 2 reps every week then test.
EX.Week1-10reps, Week2-8reps, Week3-6reps, Week4-4reps, Week5-2reps, Week6-Test.

Id like to see your opinion to If I could incorporate some speed work into this schedule.

what do u mean x5 on monday? damn that must be a texas those mat drills, i use to love the mat it felt like 100 degrees

I explained the 5x at the bottom, the rep ranges vary every week but we always do 5 sets. The sad thing about the matt drills is that we only have a mat inside. We do them most of the time on the grass outside and its very itchy.

ok got it, it look like something coach van did when he was at fsu. we did all our mat drills inside the varsity locker room and just rotated groups (ropes, agility, plyos, sprint tech etc)

You actually liked mat drills? Theyd be fun if they didnt get you tired so easily. So what do you think about this program? Is it okay to do any other work with this much volume.

i love mat drills they make u athletic. think about all the tumbling you are doing i know schools like wake forest and oregon tumble everyday. the program look ok just run track and u be good to go.

Well, I hate to spoil it but its already too late for me to join track this year I think. I might give it a try and ask the coach though. OR I could just continue adding speed work to some days of the schedule.

Overspeed bungee cord sprints: 10 40ydsprints, w/45sec recovery.
Sled Sprints: 6 20yd sprints, rested only when the other group came back to our side.
Bounding: 20ydsx6, 20sec rest.
Free Sprints: 4 40yd Sprints, 90sec recovery imbetween.

Well, no mat drills today. Just more sprints with not much recovery. Forgot to mention, After every workout, I take 1 scoop 100%Whey by ON, and 3g Creatine.

That split is very similar to what we did in high school, then on top of that we all ran track. Looking back the volume was incredible but I don’t think most high schoolers are strong enough or fast enough to induce serious amounts of fatigue on themselves from a CNS perspective. Running track is always a good idea, I can tell you that every letter I received in high school from a college asked both your 40 and 100m time. Just eat well and get good sleep and you’ll be just fine, regardless of the volume

Twhite, at BU are you allowed to do the proday workouts with the seniors this year.

Well, since I found that I cant run track could I start doing some low volume speed/plyo sessions. Volume probably wouldnt be an issue, but the problem is when do I incorporate speed/plyo work with this schedule. I want to do some speed work because the 40yds is my greatest concern at this time. Like you said Twhite colleges like to know how fast you were and I am lacking speed right now. I get in shape for football in the spring and summer, and that is when I could care less about the 40 and care the most about my skills/hands.

i agree 100%, bc i bet all the other athletes could care less about cns stress - its all mental.

i was planning on attend BU proday but its too early in march, plus there proday are ran on field turf.

Ya, and their field turf is slow. They usually test their 40’s on the track with spikes. Do you plan on attending any other pro days?

probably not just bc i dont have time, i been training but not really combine type training. do u know bu head sc john williams?

i thought field turf was field turf, what but turf slow? and im sure that big john wont let them run 40’s on the track.

They ran 40’s on their track the last testing date before they started the season, If Im wrong just ask Twhite. But with the field turf, that’s just what Odell told me, was that it was slow turf.

i hate testing on field turf its slow and hard to run shuttles. im talking about testing on the track for proday.

No, I’ll get to run next year at junior day.

You are still young man, speed will come and track will most definately help you get there. Run sprints and do the jumps, I think you’d be surprised at how it’ll carry over to football.

BTW, they are running the 40’s out on the track this year and the rest of the workout in the stadium.

umm interesting. do you play fb at bu.

Yeah I play